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Its funny when women like you and I, the women that are often referred to as winners, who have so much accomplishment and so much in the way of results - Are often the most likely to have a deep sense that something is missing. Like you may be a killer when it comes...

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I was asked this question by my mentor this week - and its been a fucking doozey (doosie? Doozie? Idk) Its actually had me stuck for 24 hours, stuck in the sense that I didnt feel ready to answer it. I was actually subconsciously afraid of what might come up. Not...

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The Truth Is – What You Want Is Always Available

Whenever I break through stressing about a situation, whether thats not having what I want or feeling stuck or restricted, I suddenly realise that - It was always there waiting to be received. It doesnt matter in what area of life whether its my body or money or...

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Do you have an ACTUAL relationship with your husband?

I don’t mean the kind where you organise your kids, your finances, watch tv and sleep next to each other. I mean a real relationship that is being nourished, where you actually spend quality time with each other, have conversation outside of bills and renovations? One...

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Learn To Lose Weight Doing Stuff You Love (Not Shit You Hate!)

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