Here’s a rapid fire list of things I do in my week that you can do right now to lose some fat! This is not a detailed list BUT you can safely implement these RIGHT now!

1. Cook with and eat coconut oil. I’m not going to list all the benefits of coconut oil – ’cause theres too many! But basically it’s good for just about everything your body does and it contributes to fat loss due to it’s make up. Many people are afraid of fat but you can eat coconut oil without fear. Start with cooking in it (think stir fry and steaks etc) and then move onto baking or even just putting it on veggies to make them taste…well, amaaaazing.

2. Cut out bread. Bread makes you fat. Sorry.

3. Make 80% of your meals at home. Studies show that people who make the majority of their meals at home tend to be leaner.

4. Don’t buy anything in a packet for a week. Things that come in packets are usually the worst culprits in the weight loss game (think bread, pasta, sweets etc) as they usually have lots of calories and less nutrients – how do you think it lasts so long! The exceptions are frozen vegetables which are convenient and good. See what works for you and then keep doing it.

5. Finish with a cup of vanilla green tea after meals. Any type of green tea (vanilla mint is awesome) will provide antioxidents for your body which is really important for health and green tea can help manage female hormones somewhat. The bonus in my experience is that the tea cleanses your palate so you are less likely to feel like something sweet after dinner. The vanilla and mint additions give you a tiny hint of sweetness without adding calories.

6. Do 10 burpees before every meal. Doing what I call a ‘microburst of exercise’ before meals actually helps manage your insulin (the hormone that stores fat), making you less fat and building muscle tone. It doesn’t have to be burpees if you cant do them (due to weakness or injury) or you are in the office (not a good look in your skirt) – it can be any form of exercise such as squats or wall push ups or skipping for a few mins. 1 minute is enough to make a difference.

7. Give up sugar for a week. Start with a week and don’t eat any processed sugar – that way it doesn’t feel like a life sentence! I personally don’t believe that you have to completely give up sugar forever to be in wicked shape (I haven’t), but it does work well.

8. Have more sex. Sex makes you feel good and when you feel good you are less likely to ‘reward’ yourself with sweet things.  Try this: put the kids to bed, leave the TV off, go to bed at 7:30pm and get busy! Many of us reach for the chocolate because we need a quick feel good fix, not because we need chocolate.

9. Eat meat for breakfast. I explain this more in my programs as its best to tailor it, but its pretty much one of the fastest ways to lose shit loads of body fat.

10. Write down everything that you eat for a week. Psychological studies have shown that writing everything down that you eat brings your attention to it – and often people cant believe the things they do eat! You will see every treat, snack and rushed meal that you eat each week and it will make you more carefully consider what goes in your mouth so you don’t have to read about it 🙂

11. Have a green vegetable at EVERY meal. No explanation needed I think.

12. Have a nap. Fact: sleep makes you skinny. You need most of it at night, but that doesn’t always happen so a quick catch up on the weekend is worth its weight in gold! You may not realise but most of the time that you are CRAVING sweet foods its because you are tired and not because you are weak.

13. Switch to 70% dark chocolate. You can eat more dark chocolate that you can milk or higher sugar chocolate – so theres a win right? Stick to 30g or less of 70% dark choc per serve, it wont make you lose weight per se, but you wont gain any and who wants to give it up?!

14. Buy a kettlebell. Training properly with a kettlebell is one of the quickest and simplest ways to get a short, intense workout in. Like, Im talking all done in 5 mins. I teach this in my programs, but here is a video that you can try out if you have one or want to buy one.

15. Don’t eat the same thing more than once per week. Most people eat the same thing for brekky and lunch and then rotate about 3 dinners. If you want change you have to change something! Look up a bunch of different recipes that you will eat and rotate them throughout the week – especially at breakfast. This will force you to confront your habits and it will result in weight loss.

16. Quit cereal. Cereal makes you fat. Again… Sorry. Haha no I’m not, it belongs in the confectionary isle!

17. Eat your meat and greens first at dinner. Meat and greens WILL NOT add fat to your body (unless you puree them in a blender and drink a 1kg meat and spinach shake 3 times a day – my hubby tried it once) so eat as much of them first in your meals and then fit the potatoes and rice in on top.

18. Commit the minimum amount of time possible to exercise. How much can you commit to your goals each day? 30 minutes? 10? 5? Even 5 minutes is worth something if you do it EVERY single fucking day without fail. Dont wait for the perfect time and stage of your life to begin, just commit the minimum you can now and add to it as you go. Remember, you will get better with time and doing the exercise will give you energy to do more!

19. Drink coffee. Um…well there are some studies that show coffee makes you live longer…I just don’t think its worth doing without.

20. Don’t watch TV at night. TV before bed stops you getting into deep, restorative (weight losing) sleep – and sleep is seriously important to losing fat. Seriously. Stop watching at least 2 hours before bed for best results and then see number 8 again…

So there you go! You can do anyone of these TODAY, and simply add one here or there as you go along.

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