Regrets, The Surprising Reality!

Regrets, The Surprising Reality!

I was asked a question the other day, one that I’m going to ask you…

What regrets do you have in your life?

Think back on your life…

All those silly mistakes, good times and adventure, what are the thoughts and feelings that come up?

Do you regret any of these things?

I asked myself this very question and the answer was not what I expected.

I have done my fair share of crazy, silly and somewhat stupidly fun but scary things in my time (especially considering now I’m a mother of a daughter, who I’m confident will be my payback), BUT do I regret them or feel any kind of remorse for these life events?

No, I don’t. Not one little bit!

Going sky diving, traveling to Vietnam, being the rebellious child, the black sheep, getting drunk at age 12, one of the worst break ups of all time, partying to wee hours of the morning, jumping off cliffs, moving to another state at age 19, dating two males at the same time – really my list could go on… As I’m sure yours does!


Goal Setting For Women Who Want To Take Life By The Balls!

Goal Setting For Women Who Want To Take Life By The Balls!

As a mum, the go to woman, the organiser, the cleaner, the everything to everyone (well at least in my mind), it’s so easy to let the days go by in a blur! You are totally exhausted by your day that you don’t even give a second thought, about what you actually want for yourself! Yes I’m talking about more than going to work, tidying the house, managing a walk, or washing your hair…The real stuff that got you out of bed, before you had a permanent human alarm clock.

YES! Goals, desires, hopes and DREAMS! (Free Dream Building Guide here)

These days, you have so many ‘things’ that you need to do for everyone else, by the end of the day when everyone is off to bed and you get some quiet time, do you ever think about what you truly want for yourself?


Here’s How I Can Help You Smash Your Goals in 2015!

Here’s How I Can Help You Smash Your Goals in 2015!

Stop believing that life is going to miraculously get better, you have to go out there and make it happen. Roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty – put a little effort into this life that you take for granted!

I see so many people living their life like they have 100 years to live it. Leaving the all fun stuff out until a more ‘appropriate’ time.

Bad shit happens & it happens to people like YOU and me.

Wake up and smell the roses, life is happening around you and you are sitting on the sidelines.


Waiting until you have more money.

More time.

Until your kids grow up.


Are You A People Pleaser?

Are You A People Pleaser?

If your anything like me, you are a people pleaser. Always wanting to make sure you don’t step on anyones toes, you put other peoples wants in front of your own needs, wants and desires.

It’s just a bad habit you never really noticed.

Until NOW!

I’m bringing it out into the open.

I want you to think about all the times you have thought, ‘we better do this, because (insert excuse here)’

When the fact of the matter is, YOU really don’t want to fucking do it!

This action serves you in one way or another, the people pleaser, not wanting to upset the apple cart.

This is totally fine, if you want to keep playing the victim and living in a state of unhappiness!

Is this what you really want?