How To Get What You Want Just By Being YOU!

How To Get What You Want Just By Being YOU!

Do you ever feel like you have more inside of you than you are currently sharing with the world?

Something that goes beyond changing nappies, cooking dinners and collapsing tired in front of MKR at night?

I know I do.

I know that I want to help every mum, hell every woman out there build the body of her dreams and then create the life she has always wanted for herself and her kids. I know that I am driven passionately to do this and that I’m fucking amazing at it too!

What about you? What do you have deep down inside you that you KNOW you could offer to the world? What do you know is in there that if the stars all aligned and you took a leap of faith that you could start to live an outrageous, over the top, kickass life?

A new career perhaps?

A new adventure?

A new, hotter, crazier sex life?

A new wardrobe of current size minus 6 clothing?

Or maybe new way of living? A way of living where playing it small just won’t do and you start living large and on your terms EVERY day and fuck anyone who doesn’t want to do it your way?!

I know you do! And you know what? You can have it!

So where do you start?

Step 1: Get your body into a shit hot, fit, functional and jaw dropping state.

There is one truth that you just can’t get away from: you only get one body for this life. And the quality of experience that you get during your time on this blue rock is 100% dependant on how finely tuned your body is. Think about it – a tradesman can only be as effective as the quality of his tools – bad tools will likely result in a bad job done. Well your body is the tool that you are getting the “job” of life done with.

It is hard to be an over the top, strong, sexy, outrageous, living large YOU if you dont have the tools to do the job!

It doesn’t even have to be that hard.

You dont need to make it to the gym everyday and eat lettuce and other crap tasting foods to make it happen. It can be simple, it can be fun and you can make it fit into the craziness of your parenting lifestyle.

Step 2: Realise that the inner voice you have, the one telling you that you can be more and do more and say more is real and MUST be actioned!

This is a really big one for you. And it’s one that I am guilty of myself, time and again. It goes something like this:

You have a moment – a little “A-Ha” moment, somewhere deep in your belly a little spark of excitement comes to you, an idea, an offering, a dream. Something that you know is more important than the mundane stuff in life. A little gift from the universe maybe.

Just having this moment gives you warm feelings and a rush through your body – you get excited as you play out the possibilities that this little idea could bring. The fun. The excitement, The growth. The play and the adventure.

In that moment, you realise that great things are possible and that YOU can do them.

Then, just as quickly, it happens – the negativity sets in. The fear. The doubt. That little bitch that lives in your head starts telling you that its just not possible.


6 ways to get your kids to sleep better

6 ways to get your kids to sleep better

My daughter HATES going to bed. She will drag out the experience for as long as is possible by any tactics necessary. “I need the potty”. “I want water”. “Muuuuuuuuum”. On this game goes until finally I tell her that this is it, I’m not coming back in. Then its time to try and fit in an hour of “mum and dad time” before collapsing to sleep ourselves…


Nightmarish bedtime routine aside, our daughter sleeps really well. Rarely waking up unless she has managed to kick the blankets off during the night and then cant find them again. In which case its just a quick reset and everyone is back to sleep. I often talk to other mums who get up frequently during the night and have come to realise that either I am blessed with one of the few children that naturally sleep well, or we are on to something with what we do.

With that in mind, here are my top 6 ways to get your kiddies to bed and keep them asleep – so that you get the precious sleep you deserve! (more…)

Keep going. Don’t stop. NEVER be beaten. Failure isn’t real!

Keep going. Don’t stop. NEVER be beaten. Failure isn’t real!

I began in the health and fitness industry in 2005.

Ten years is a long time to do anything and you would think that after that much time you would be pretty good at what you do, I think I am.

So of course, I must have worked out how to have the perfect approach to helping people achieve the body of their dreams right?

Well, what if I told you it took me SEVEN years to work out exactly who I wanted to work with and how I wanted to deliver my message!

Seven years!

Sure I helped a lot of people over the years and learnt a lot about the human body but thats a long time to feel like you just werent quite in the right spot.

Along the way I would get this reoccurring feeling, like I was never going to figure this thing out.

You know that machete attack to the self esteem you get whenever you embark on a project or change that just doesn’t seem to take.

And fuck me there does seem to be more failure outcomes than shining successes!

But because it was my job and…well…I needed to support myself, I kept going.

Here are some of the things that I tried and that, well, failed. Failed miserably!


How To Photo Transfer To Canvas For $9

How To Photo Transfer To Canvas For $9

Being a parent, you tend to prioritise essentials like nappies, wipes, food and clothes rather than spend hundreds of dollars on displaying your beautiful wedding photos… Dare I mention that you paid a small fortune for!

If your anything like me, you are so practical these days that it shits you to tears!

So I moved into a new house and wanted to decorate it with our beautiful memories and I didn’t want to spend a small fortune on doing so.

So I did my research and found photo transfer to canvas. This is what I did:

What You need:
Canvas 12×12 – $6-$7
Paint brush – $2
Gel Medium – $12
Black & white jet printed image on A3 from #officeworks – 20c
Spray bottle

Start up cost $20
The medium gel will do up to 20 canvas prints. Be nice to your paint brush and it will last forever!

1. Choose an image that looks great in B&W.
2. Get it printed at office works using a jet printer on A3 size paper (laser printer doesn’t work).