The often forgotten secret to lasting fat loss is: Sleep!

The often forgotten secret to lasting fat loss is: Sleep!

I meet many ladies that are putting in the work with their fitness and their diets and are wondering why they cant shift their shape. Often when I begin to quiz them on how they sleep I find out they are getting to bed late, having their sleep broken (either by kids or just waking up at night) and then they roll out of bed tired and groggy in the morning.

You will always struggle to lose weight if your sleep sucks!

One of my favourite little secrets for AMAZING sleep is to take a magnesium supplement before bed. Magnesium helps you relax and makes for a deeper sleep – kinda like you are sinking into your matress!

While it cant help you if your kids are waking you at night, I often find that after I get up to my daughter I go back to sleep more easily rather than lying there awake.

How much?

I recommend at least 500mg of chelated magnesium about 20 mins before bed. You can take more, just slowly increase your dose and see how you sleep.

Do this and:

  • you will get leaner – especially around your stomach
  • you will have more energy
  • you will feel like the small stuff doesnt matter
  • you will find your partner / husband more tolerable wink emoticon

I dont want to promote any particular brand on here, but you can email me at for a recommendation for your specific goals.

Sweet dreams!