Make sure you avoid these fitness myths!

Make sure you avoid these fitness myths!


I still see fitness “gurus” saying some of this crap even in this day and age! Let me just smash down some of these once and for all.

Grrrrrrrrr it makes me angry that I still have to see this!!!

MYTH 1: Crunches tone your abs.
I read this one today and its such a load of shit. Crunches actually use far less calories and muscles than movements like deadlifts, squats, push ups and pullups. The only way to see your ab muscles is to reduce your total bodyfat levels.
I think we all know someone or have BEEN someone who could do hundreds of crunches but saw no change in the appearance of our abs.

SOLUTION: Do circuit based workouts using the exercises I mentioned before with 30 — 60 seconds rest in between. You could also try sprinting which works great as well (my 8 Week Sprint Guide is available now as a free xmas present, get it here).

MYTH 2: Do high reps of exercises to get “lean, toned muscle”.
There is no such thing as lean, toned muscle. There is just muscle and fat. Tone is when you have muscle and not much fat. So to have tone you need to build muscle and then lower your bodyfat levels.

SOLUTION: Use both lower reps and higher reps to get the best results. Sometimes you need to lift as heavy as you can to force your muscle to improve.

MYTH 3: Eat your carbs in the morning and burn them off during the day.
Actually, in the morning is the worst time to eat carbs. THE WORST! Eating carbs in the morning has been shown to make you more likely to eat carbs throughout the day (and crave them) and negatively impacts your moods. Oh, and makes you fatter.

SOLUTION: Kickstart the day with whatever protein you can stomach with some nuts, berries and a little veg. Alternatively, a high quality protein shake is a good alternative (has to be balanced though, protein powder alone is not enough).

MYTH 4: To lose fat you need to do “cardio”.
Did you know the concept of cardio – going for a long run or ride etc has been consistently shown to not only give poorer results than more intense exercise, but it also ages you faster!!? Not to mention, its fucking boring….

SOLUTION: Use a combination of resistance circuits, sprints (see a pattern here) or team sports such as touch rugby. Personally, I prefer sports because I like the social interaction and it doesnt feel like exercise.

MYTH 5: Eating fat makes you fat and leads to heart disease.
If you are still on the fence about this one – dont be. Its been shown to be true. You NEED fats in your diet epsecially if your goal is weight loss, but also for good health.

SOLUTION: Cook with butter, coconut oil and ghee and use other cold pressed oils such as olive oil in salads. Avoid crap like canola oil and grapeseed oil.

Well theres a quick 5 myths dispelled! If you see a fitness guru on facebook saying the opposite my advice is to unlike their page quick smart! They obviously dont have your best interests at heart 🙂

Stacey xxx

Lets talk carbs and fat loss!

Lets talk carbs and fat loss!

Yesterday I explained why the best time to have carbs was after a workout (check out the post on facebook).

Today I thought I would give some other general advice on dealing with those carby things!

The first thing to point out is that carbs arent inherently evil! They have a bad name at the moment just like fat did for the last 40 years (also unjustly). The reality is that its not the carb that is the problem but your ability to process it.

Put loosely, carbs are managed by the hormone insulin (dont worry, this wont be a science lecture!) and it is your body’s ability to produce the right amount of insulin to handle the carbs you just ate.

Now the normal situation in Australia, well, the western world, is to be really out of balance when it comes to carb management. This means that most people when they eat carbs send the energy to their fat cells and not their muscles cells – which means you have less muscle and more fat with every meal!

So the mindset that you need to create is that carbs are a great food source – you just need to make sure that your body deserves them.

The reason that low carb works well for so many people is that it begins to rebalance how well they can tolerate them, while also reducing calories obviously.

How can we further help carb sensitivity? Here are some other ways:

1. Earn your carbs.
Did you train today? No? Then you most likely dont need to eat high starch carbs like potatoes, rice etc. Stick to lower glycemic veggies. Same goes if you just did a 30 minute jog.
Did you just crush a 45 minute squat workout or do a big sprint session?! You can eat some delicious potatoes roasted in butter and rosemary…mmmm.

2. How much fat do you have to lose?
Generally speaking, most people with more weight to lose are poor carb processors. If you have more than 9 or 10 kg to lose then id bet you need to re-sensitise and should eat less.
If you have less than that to lose, it can be more complex. Sometimes you need more and sometimes you need less and you really need to play with it.

3. Get your fasting insulin tested.
Fasting insulin can tell you basically how messed up you are. It is a test you do with your GP and is great because you can retest periodically to see how you are improving.


Minimise your fat gain this Christmas!

Minimise your fat gain this Christmas!

Ok, so its the silly season and we all know that means drinking and too much food and heaps of fun! So what I wanted to do was to give you a guide to bulletproof your body against all the goodies you are going to stuff in your mouth this month 🙂

Here is a list of things that I use myself and with clients to soften the blow. Its NOT a prevention plan – that would be sticking to normal habits – but it will go a long way to making sure January 1st is not a devastating day when you visit the beach!

Enjoy and pass it on to your friends so you can keep each other on track!

1. Do a burst of exercise right before you pig out or eat danger foods.
Your body is designed to send nutrients to your muscles after you exercise – its a reward for the hard work of hunting and gathering food!
You can cheat the system a bit here by doing some form of exercise right before you are going to slam down some cookies. An example would be to do burpees or bodyweight squats for 30 seconds before you eat.
Now obviously if you are at the office party then this isnt going to work – you will raise eyebrows pumping out burpees in the staff room before you have egg nog! So if its not covenient to do it right before, then simply up your training frequency during the month.
If you do decide to train more often, its a good idea to shorten your workouts slightly so you dont overtrain.

2. Eat extra good fats.
Fats can slow down the damage to your blood sugar when you eat sweet things. This is good because blood sugar spikes are not good for the fat on your hips and stomach.
Make sure that if you are drinking or eating sweets then you have some coconut oil, butter, avocado or fish oil with the meal.
Fish oil caps travel well in your bag and you can take 2-3 when you have your indulgence without anyone noticing.

3. Start the day off well – eat a high protein and fat brekky.
Most parties dont start before breakfast (even though some continue before brekky!)
Eating a breakfast with a good amount of protein and fat will set you up for the day so that even if you stray later, you will be well prepared. Try eggs cooked in butter with some wilted spinach and small amount of nuts.

4. Don’t eat just because its “time”.
We are all creatures of habit. Normally you eat brekky, lunch and dinner at the same time of day – whether you are hungry or not – just because its “time”.
If you ate 3 helpings of dessert last night and washed it down with a few glasses of pinot, dont just cram breakky tomorrow. See how you feel, if hungry then eat. If not, then you might only need a protein shake with chia instead.

5. Make red wine your poison of choice or vodka and gin (not necessarily together).
Youre going to drink, so lets not pretend otherwise! Red wine has lots of things in it that are beneficial to the body, especially a substance called resveretrol, which is really good for women.
Its not a licence to have a bottle to yourself but 2-3 glasses in a night isnt the end of the world.
If you like something a bit harder, or wine beats you like you stole something, then try vodka or gin. A vodka / gin and soda (not tonic) has very few calories.

6. Try to skip the gluten.
If you can, avoid the foods that you are intolerant to. Most people in my experience that are trying to lose weight dont do very well on gluten. So choose other delicious foods rather than the cake or pastries.

7. Give your liver some help coz its doing all the work!
Your liver requires nutrients to detoxify – it doesnt just happen – and you will definitely eat less veggies this month. Its a fact. This means you are going to miss out on many vitamins and minerals that you normally get.
Taking something to help your liver would be a good idea (and if you get the right thing then it can reduce hangovers!)
A quality greens drink will help replace these missed nutrients and can help your detoxification, or you could take a specific liver support supplement.

8. Take a probiotic.
Sugar, booze, flours and late nights all play havoc with your gut. Make sure to give your gut some help by taking a quality probiotic.

9. Be mindful.
I dont judge anyones choices – except my own I suppose! But I do encourage people to be mindful. There is a difference between eating crap food because its there and indulging when having a really lovely time.
Just be aware, are you eating and drinking because the atmosphere is fun and connected? Or are you using christmas as an excuse to pig out on crap?

Well there you have it! Some tried and tested tips to help you out this Christmas.
Dont try to use all these tips at once, it gets overwhelming. Just choose 2-4 and keep them in mind, whichever make the most sense to you.

Enjoy and much love.

Stacey xxx