5 EXERCISES THAT DONT WORK FOR FAT LOSS AND TONING (that everyone does) – and some better alternatives!

5 EXERCISES THAT DONT WORK FOR FAT LOSS AND TONING (that everyone does) – and some better alternatives!

Everyone is making their return to the gym / training so here are 5 exercises that I can save you from wasting your time on this year!

1. Pulse squats.
You know those squats that are like, quarter squats? They are really really common in the gym and look like someone is out of a bad 1980s martial arts movie. Basically the pulser goes close to the bottom of a squat and bounces up and down about 5 cms or so. It FEELS like it is really working your legs because they burn – but that burn is just lactic acid and isnt doing much to improve the shape of your legs.

A full squat where you go all the way to the bottom so that your butt nearly touches the floor and then return all the way up to legs straight is best. It will work ALL the muscles in your legs and butt, and if you hold a weight in front of your body then it will give you a good dose of lower abs too.
Full squats are also one of the best preventative exercises for back pain (when done properly) and encourage good flexibility.

2. Walking with hand weights.
Fortunately this has died out a lot, but I still see it fairly often. Walking with hand weights was massive in the 80s, but should have died there. Basically the walker wanders around with pumping arms while carrying a couple of kilos in their hands. It does consume a few more calories than walking – which is not much!

Walking is great if youre injured, but if not then you should be building up to sprints. A good sprint program will carve lines into your legs and butt and will also tone your abs up.
An added bonus with sprints is that the whole session is usually done within 20 minutes so you dont have to spend hours walking.

In case you missed it, grab my free Sprint Your Butt Off (Literally) Guide (you can get it here). I released it last month and over 200 women are on board right now! (It rocks smile emoticon )

3. The butt blaster machine.
You know that machine that you bend over, put a pad into your hamstring and then push back so your leg goes straight? Yeah, that machine sucks.
It doesnt tone.
It doesnt strengthen.
Its crap.

BETTER ALTERNATIVE: Deadlifts or Kettlebell swings.

How do you balance your portion size?

How do you balance your portion size?

This was one of the most asked questions of 2015 so it obviously still keeps a lot of women guessing! And while it is surely true that simply eating less leads to weight loss, for most it also leads to hunger, cravings and mood swings (like – gimme some chocolate or ill kill you!)

Im going to share some of the ways that you can learn to balance out your portion size this year, especially now that your stomach (meaning: my stomach) has doubled in size over the holidays!

1. Eat your protein first.
Protein isnt just about providing your body with lots of lean muscle building nutrients – it also takes up lots of space and makes you feel fuller.

Its much harder to fit in an extra serving of carby or junky things if you just simply dont have much room left in your tum tum. When you have your meal simply eat at least half – or all – of your meat, eggs etc before tucking into the rest of your meal.
This makes sure you build lean muscle tissue but reduces the overall calories in your meal.

2. Have some good fats at EVERY meal.
When I say EVERY meal, I mean EVERY FUCKING meal!

Fats do a couple of things when you have them. First, they are extremely satisfying, in fact studies and my own experience show that you are far more likely to overeat if you dont have some each meal.
Even if you dont overeat, you are more likely to feel less satisfied and so more likely to be thinking about food between meals (this often happens when you have a salad without dressing / avo).

Second, fats provide energy without spiking blood sugar. This is important because keeping your blood sugar steady means longer lasting energy and less cravings later in the day.
Fats are ESSENTIAL – eat them!

3. Vary your foods more.
Did you know there are 195,000 edible plants in the world! BUT in the West, our entire diet uses only 300 different plants out of that 195,000!
Even more crazily, most people only eat the same 17 foods THEIR ENTIRE LIFE!!! Thats a lot of chicken, rice, broccoli, lettuce etc. etc…