Bringing out the Goddess in the woman.

You see inside you there is a Goddess wanting to be let out.

Whats the difference between a Goddess and a woman?

A woman tells herself that she cant have the things she wants in life, because she has to put everyone elses needs before her own. Even the thought of it is accompanied by guilt.

A Goddess knows that by fulfilling her own needs so fully, so unapologetically, that she is setting the ultimate example for her kids. She wants her sons and daughters to grow up with such an intense sense of personal strength that NO ONE can fuck with their dreams.
A Goddess doesn’t want her children to watch the life leak out of her eyes each day while she is a passenger in her own existence.

A woman “tries” to eat better. She gets a standard “clean eating” plan and then falls off the bandwagon the moment its not convenient.

A Goddess doesn’t concern herself with trivial things like weight loss, this is just a by product of the intense desire to be the healthiest and most radiating woman she can be. Loving her body is the norm and people ask her what she is doing because of the energy that exudes through her face.

A woman “tries” to exercise better. She sees it as a task that needs to be ticked off like washing clothes or making lunches.

A Goddess doesn’t do exercise… (more…)