Why Fasting Might Be The Weight Loss Solution For You!

Why Fasting Might Be The Weight Loss Solution For You!

Earlier this year I did a 7 day juice fast.

Yep you heard me right – 7 days.

I didn’t do it because I needed to lose weight, but because I had heard of the healing properties that it has. And the results were pretty amazing I have to say.

I actually did lose a little bit of weight, maybe a kilo or so, but thats actually quite a bit considering I was pretty lean already!

But the amazing thing for me was – MY SKIN! Oh how my skin loved it! Seriously, I had people commenting left, right and centre at how amazing and healthy my skin was.

It was practically glowing!

And it makes total sense right considering how many toxins come out of your body during a fast of that length.

Less toxins = better health.

There is lots of sciencey stuff coming out now too that shows fasting has a host of awesome benefits for you body including weight loss, heart health, longevity, detoxification, energy and improved mood (the list is actually too long to write).

I know though, the idea of doing a 7 day fast probably seems pretty daunting to you.

So you don’t have to do a big long 7 day thing, you can actually get a LOT of the benefits by simply fasting for a period each day.

Some nerd gave it a fancy name called Intermittent Fasting since he was probably trying to own it or something (I’m assuming it was a he) … but in reality, you do a fast every day anyway – while you sleep!

But pushing the window that you don’t eat out to a longer period can be really useful. In fact, according to this Ph.D guy that I follow, he says that intermittent fasting can even help reduce the risk of cancer (winning!), reduce blood pressure, increase fat burning and even improve your control over hunger.

Pretty. Damn. Cool!

I found some other awesome things about it too.

First was that I found it easy to drink HEAPS of water, which is something that I normally struggle with. So of course I felt waaaaay more energetic as a result.

I also found that I didn’t think about food as much (after a while anyway) which was really cool since normally 15 mins after my meals Im already planning the next one!! Haha. Seriously though, it is really cool to not have to think about what you are going to eat all the time.

Not having food in me all the time also seemed to allow my tummy to relax and settle. I felt like my digestion got easier and that it sort of “healed” a bit from all the years of stuffing things in there!

Maybe you know what Im talking about?

Anyway, it wasn’t all easy of course. Getting used to not eating in the morning takes a bit of adjustment time – it really helps to have people doing it with you (Ryan was on board of course!). But once you get past the initial phase, its definitely worth it.

If you are wondering about how long to fast for, there are 3 main windows –

12 hour fast, 12 hour eat

14 hour fast, 14 hour eat

16 hour fast, 8 hour eat

Which one you use depends on how long you want to stay committed and how much weight you are looking to lose.

Its definitely worth a try.



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