“I Wondered Where All My Food Went If It Didn’t Come Out The Other End!!”

“I Wondered Where All My Food Went If It Didn’t Come Out The Other End!!”

“I wondered where all my food went if it didn’t come out the other end!!”

Yep, I wanna talk about poop and specifically, why you can’t lose weight if you don’t poop EVERY day.

The above statement was from a woman who I think was sort of half joking but half not about the fact that she didn’t poop every day…

And she’s not alone.

I speak to women DAILY that don’t poop enough – LITERALLY every day! Its actually MORE common than not for a woman who is trying to lose weight to go poopy once every two, three – or more days!!

And this aint a good thing baby!

Here’s what happens if you don’t “drop the kids off at the pool” every day 🙂

First, the poop builds up inside you (duh!) This reduces your ability to absorb your food which means – you need to eat more! Yep your body needs more food coz less of the nutrients get through so you EAT MORE!

Now since your body isn’t absorbing as well, you get TIRED. And whats the food you reach for when you’re tired? Not freakin broccoli thats for sure! You go for SUGAR don’t you? Coz when you’re tired sugar makes keeps you awake. Only problem is that the sugar makes the problem worse.

Now all this built up poop and the extra sugar sets your gut bacteria to riot – which equals gas and farts and bloating!! Gut bacteria arent your enemy though, they are the CLEAN UP crew. They are trying to do you a favour and get rid of the garbage, but they can’t and you keep putting food on top!!

So now the bacteria and the built up poop raise your toxicity levels to the max! And you feel tired, have stinky pits, get sick more often, need even MORE sugar and well, just generally feel like arse.

Oh! And remember the garbage trapped inside you that we spoke about a minute ago? Your body STILL wants to get that out! So it tries to squeeze it out your skin, your tongue and just about anywhere else it can. So your skin looks terrible, your tongue gets white and yucky and you probably get dandruff or other skin flakey things…

And here is THE most IMPORTANT part of all this gorgeous –

You can’t lose weight while your body is spending all its time dealing with being full of shit.


Lemme say that again –

You will NEVER lose all the weight and NEVER have a flat stomach if you –






If this is you, message me now and stop wasting your time with diet and exercise coz its NOT going to work alone. Let me save you months and probably YEARS by sorting this out for you in just a few weeks.

And then watch the weight fall off…

And get compliments on your youthful skin…

And have annoying amounts of energy…

And finally know what a flat stomach feels like.

Do You OBSESS Over Food All Day Long?

Do You OBSESS Over Food All Day Long?

🔥I’ve Got 2 Hot Tips For You Beautiful! 🔥

Are your thoughts consumed with what you should and shouldn’t be eating all day long?

I know many ladies are consumed by what to eat, when to eat and why they should or shouldn’t be eating…
Here are my top 2 tips to reduce your obsession with food:
1. Drink LOADS of water – Divide your body weight by 22 and drink that many litres of water. (Bw/22=Litres) 
I can hear you saying bah, that is NOT the answer Stacey there is more to it than that!

Gorgeous, the thing is if you don’t drink the right amount of water you WILL:
- Suffer from food cravings that are so intense that no amount of will power will stop you.
- You will over eat. 
- You will snack. 
- You will eat the wrong foods for weight loss. 
- Consume more sugary foods
- Store fat.

You can halt ALL of these in their tracks if you just drink the fucking water!

You think your body is saying “eat food,” when it is in fact so dehydrated that it is pulling the water from these said foods to try and hydrate you!

I promise you next time you think “I’m hungry, drink the fucking water (at least 500mls) and then ask yourself, am I still hungry?

I bet the answer is no!

When you do this the weight just falls off!

2. Use a 16 hour fasting window.
That is correct, eating between the hours of 11am and 7pm will help you STOP thinking about food.

Fasting has a whole host of benefits that I am not going to go into here. What I want you to know is that it helps with thinking about food all day long.

Sneakily it also helps you drink more water ;) hahaha. Because you need to drink water when you wake up until you can BREAK-YOUR-FAST (yes, breakfast = breaking your fast) at least 1 litre.

Implement these 2 tips and watch your food obsession die and your waistline shrink!

Do you suffer from this? Let me know, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Then go and try what I have suggested! Don’t forget to share this with your friends – I’m sure they will thank you for it!



I can still remember the days when I would wonder how many carbs I could have today and not gain fat on my belly.

I can remember when I wasn’t sure which food it was that would cause me to bloat and even when I cut them ALL out and tried one at a time – the foods seemed to change all the time!

I can remember being so caught up trying to work out the perfect exercise program that would make me lean and toned, that I ended up doing the same workout all the time because it was the “best” one.

I followed the “body rules” for years based on all the science and while I have no doubts that it “worked”, it just left me with a constant feeling of lifelessness.

Food stopped being about enjoying nourishing food and was about calculating what to eat to be lean.

I was afraid to eat fruit “because of all the sugar”.

Exercise was like doing maths homework in high school (uhhh…) working out the right formula to make my abs show more.

For more than 10 years…

It was all so flat, dull, lifeless, boring – dead.

Then one day I just gave up.


I ate more chocolate.

I took more days off.

I played more sport and ate fucking bananas… Lots of bananas! 🙂

And lo and behold – it all became easy.

I got leaner.

I had more energy.

Life was more fun and i didn’t feel a lick of guilt for the days when I just had some wine with friends and laughed and told silly stories and didn’t take myself so gawd damned seriously.

Life stopped being about how many serves of protein you had to have per day and why carbs were the devil.

And now, Im mostly really lean.

I say mostly because, sometimes, I just like to eat too much or go on holiday and say fuck it and have a beer at 11am. Life was never meant to be “perfect” anyway…

I know too that when I have had my fun, I will just go back to my fun and easy daily habits and it will all come back again in a week or two anyway. It always does.

Zero stress.

No beating myself up for being a little softer in the tum tum for a couple weeks of the year.

And way more fun.

You can have the body you want doing stuff you love – eating, moving and thinking the way you want – but not following the rules.

They were never your rules and when you keep trying to play by them you are always going to end up tired.



Over it.

And you will fail time and time again.

Im not saying there won’t be work – there is ALWAYS work because you must CREATE the rules for yourself. And the habits that go with it.

All I’m saying is that you can do it in a way where you wake up looking forward to what needs to be done… free in your mind that it will work and you will enjoy it.


Ready to do the work of learning to nourish and move your body in a way that you love?

The Body Hustle is the ‘nets hottest membership program for women that are sick of the fads and over forcing themselves to do shit they hate just to get a result!

If there is one thing we know, its that weight loss is simple.

It all comes down to your habits each day and your ability to tune in and listen to your body – what we call the “hustle habits!”

When your daily hustle habits are on point, the weight falls off and you will join the group of women that say to us “I cant believe how simple it is!”

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You know that thing you do, where you run from one diet to the next hoping in vain that this time, THIS time it will all click into place… finally?

Well #sorrynotsorry honey but the common factor in all these diets that don’t work –


Yeah, you’re the problem.

Now before you throw that salad in the bin and reach for a brownie let me make a point – there is nothing wrong with your body.

It works oh-so-perfectly and just as it should.

The problem is that you are fucking clueless as to HOW it works.

Which is kinda CA-RAZY gorgeous since its telling you all the time what it wants and needs to be nourished and lean and sexy.

It tells you in the cravings you get.

It tells you in the feelings of hunger or satisfaction.

It tells you in your energy and life force.

It tells you in how often you go poopy.

Always Always ALWAYS sending you messages, with absolute love, hoping that you will turn in and TUNE in.

But… you don’t.

You wanna be told what’s “right” for you.

You want someone else to hold your little hand and tell you that its ok, its not your fault… you’ve just been missing the “correct” combo of protein, carbs and fats, that is going to magically work every single day of the rest of your life no matter whether you take responsibility for yourself or not.


Maybe that would work if you were a little fucking automaton without feelings and emotions and dreams and failings and moments of weakness and avoidance and resistance and all the other crazy mess that makes you up like it does me.


But I can tell you right now lovely, that if being in shape – HANG ON! Who the fuck wants to be in shape?? If being HOT as FUCK meant doing the same thing every day and never diving into decadent, ooey-gooey chocolate fuelled bingey indulgence when it strikes –

Ill take outa shape any day of the week.

Luuuuuuckily, you can have both.

Hot as fuck….
And ooey gooey chocolate indulgence.

But NOT if you are looking for a plan gorgeous.

Not if you are looking for the 7 steps or the shakes or the restriction or the NOT FROM WITHIN plan that someone else created for you without ever having known you.

Not like that.

The only way, is to listen within to that oh-so-perfect body that is sometimes whispering –

And sometimes SCREAMING –

At you and lovingly telling you what it wants and needs to be sexy as fuck.

It was never – and has never been – in a shake, a book, a pill, a needle, a spray, a packet or anywhere other than within –


Crazy, messy, chaotic, indulgent, loving, expressive – perfect – YOU.

Do you LOVE brown paper packages tied up with string?!

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We Help Women Fall In Love 💜With Their Bodies For A Job!

We Help Women Fall In Love 💜With Their Bodies For A Job!

We Help Women Fall In Love 💜With Their Bodies For A Job!

I couldn’t be prouder of this woman if I tried, she has consolidated a lot of truths for me…

💥 Love yourself more than anyone else can love you… YOU are worth it!

💥 Losing weight is easy when you JFDI – keep a positive mindset to enjoy the journey!

💥 Every women is capable of being unstoppable – even if you are in a terrible place right now… ITS SO FUCKING POSSIBLE!

💥 You are powerful beyond belief.

💥 Life is so much more than looking in the mirror and hating what you see!

I have so much love for these women… yes they work with me, but we create bonds that are unbreakable! True friendships!

Ps. How sexy is this woman!?

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