Who do you blame for the way your body is right now?

Who do you blame for the way your body is right now?

Who do you blame for the way your body is right now?

Your kids?
Your hubby?
Your parents?
Your work?
Your money situation?
Your time?
The government?
Someone else?

I have spent the last 9 months holding onto blame towards someone else, churning it over and over inside me, ignoring it until it bubbles up inside me and leaves me with hot anger and frustration!

Last year we spent $20,000 with a business coach that said the right words to get us to buy, so we bought.

And we didn’t make half that back using their system for 12 months…

For the last 9 months, any time our biz came up in conversation I have mentioned it as an excuse for why we arent even further ahead right now than we are. You know that tone of voice that comes out when you are justifying your results – or lack of? Yeah, that voice.

So this person comes up for me every few weeks or so and I indulge myself in a little self pity and anger towards them. I think about how that $20k could have been spent and also feel feelings of being scammed or tricked.

I feel stupid, gullible, naive, and like I wasted a year of life.

This morning it came up again while journaling and I really dug into it, more than I have in the past – or should i say with less defences than I have in the past.

I knew I had to, since, any time you have a recurring thought about something you MUST dig into it or action it in some way. This is your soul pointing you at growth when this happens and to ignore it is to create a LITERAL energetic block inside you that will fuck with all goals you are trying to achieve – body, financial or otherwise.

I realised that I had been blaming this person for mediocre results instead of pointing the finger in the right direction –

At me.

Whether the biz coaching program they sold worked for others or not, I couldn’t say. BUT –

I chose their company.
I did or didn’t do the work each day.
I made excuses on the days that I didn’t feel like it.
I doubted myself when it came to putting myself out there.
I didnt 100% back myself and create a rock solid self belief.

me Me ME!

It was my fault.
It was my responsibility.

I wanted to be saved.
I wanted someone else to fix my problems.
I wanted to buy a result rather than do the inner work – as well as the work work – to make it happen.

So, I release needing to blame any more.

I forgive myself for making the decisions I made.

I allow myself to not be perfect and to make mistakes.

Im proud that we have learnt from the experience and how it has taken us to a place in this biz where we LOVE the way that we do work.

I am proud that we no longer look for quick fixes and ways to avoid doing the work needed, and instead have built an inner strength and rock solid self belief.

So… lets talk about you…

Who are you blaming for how your body looks and feels?
Are you looking to be saved?
Are you looking for the quick fix that takes minimal effort?
Are you justifying to your friends why you arent right now in the best fucking shape of your life?

Coz if you are –

Its time to stop.
Its time to take 100% responsibility for your results or lack therefore.
Its time to step the fuck up and do what might just be the hardest thing to do in life –

And point the finger at yourself.

And then to smile and forgive yourself.

ALL your results are on the side of this.

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Do you carry your weight in your thighs? Especially with dimples in the skin?

Do you carry your weight in your thighs? Especially with dimples in the skin?

Lets talk about that for a moment, shall we?

If you regularly deal with the frustration of having to put on jeans that fit in the waist but have the legs feeling tight and squishy then you are really going to want to read this.

You may mistakenly believe (mostly because the media says so) that to lose fat off your legs specifically then you need to do more leg exercises –

This is a load of bullshit.

While spot reduction is actually possible, its not possible by exercise. And if you have heavier legs and the skin is dimpled then you arent going to solve that by just training harder.

Here are a few things you can do to target those stubborn legs.

1. Make sure your gut is working properly.
If you don’t poop every day or if you experience gas, bloating, farts or you feel like your body doesn’t want food even though you haven’t eaten for a while –

You arent going to shift those legs.

One of the main causes of dimpling in legs is a build up of toxins that the body can’t remove. This is why often you can lose the weight but see hardly any difference in your legs.

Until you sort your gut out, the toxins can’t be removed.

In this case the first step would be to do our Ultimate 21 Day Cleanse to turn your body into a fat burning machine, as well as give it the ability to remove the build up.

2. Eat more broccoli.
Ok so not the most exciting thing Ive ever said!

Cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauli, brussels sprouts, cabbage etc) are high in nutrients that help to remove certain types of toxins – IF (and its a big IF obviously) – IF your gut is working properly.

Eating a daily or twice daily serving of cruciferous veggies can really help to shift the leg build up and maintain that gut health.

3. Make sure you are properly hydrated.
Me: How was your diet today?
Client: Food and exercise were great!
Me: Awesome! How much water did you drink?
Client: ….um… maybe a litre or so.

Im always amazed at how many smart women ask me about fine tuning their diet while being dehydrated.

If you’re dehydrated you’re NOT going to lose all the weight.

You will crave more.

You will eat more.

You will be more tired.

You will constantly wonder why the hell the weight won’t shift.

To work out how much, take your bodyweight in kg and divide by 22. The number you get is how many litres per day (up to a maximum of 4L).

4. Do more resistance training with short rest periods.
We absolutely 100% believe you should do whatever makes you feel good – exercise included. But when it comes to leaning up your lower body, you really want to be doing resistance exercise based circuits with short rest periods.

How short? About 30 seconds.

On top of the short rest periods, the other thing to focus on is actually making the workout a challenge!

What do I mean by this? Well, if you can do more than 15 reps of something – get a bigger weight! Or choose a harder exercise.

5. Eat less processed food.
Want the fastest path to a lean body?

Eat less processed foods.

Skip a day.

Then skip two days.

Then try a whole week.

Don’t hit me up for any of my magic bullets unless you are willing to ditch the processed crap!

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If you’re like me and you’re highly motivated and want to crush big goals in your lifetime – then at some point you have probably come up against that feeling where you can’t work out the next step no matter how much you think about it.

Even though you’re smart and capable and are often the one that your friends turn to for advice – for some unknown reason you can’t sort your own shit out!

You feel stuck.

Like you’re banging your head against the wall.

Like you can’t find flow with what you do and the ideas and solutions just won’t present themselves like little gifts.

I felt this this morning as I wrote in my journal. Things that usually just flow out of me, well, weren’t.

I have a technique that I use to get back in touch with my inner needs which is something I developed myself (though I’m sure many creative leaders have come to this themselves!) to open up the flow and get back to inspired action.

Ive never named it but its basically an intuitive questioning flow where I ask myself a question and simply go with the first answer that feels it came from my inner voice. Ill talk more about this another time but as I went through this process this morning I got hit – WHAM – in the face with a realisation.

This past fortnight I have had a flurry of ideas for a series of funny and really powerful videos to help everyone in this community go next level with their weight loss. Even just talking about them has had Stace and I in stitches and you are going to WANT to watch them just for the fun of it – as well as learning more about creating lasting weight loss.

But, 2 weeks on – no action.

We haven’t even taken the first step towards drawing them up or getting the camera out.

We’ve been caught in the busy work of our biz, stuff that does have to get done for sure – but its not the stuff that we live for!

The actions that excites us…

That put a smile on our faces…

That make us giggle like school kids in anticipation of you seeing it…

The FUN and CREATIVE stuff!

If you want a SURE FIRE way to block your creativity and your intuitive decision making –

Then ignore it while you’re getting it!!

How many times lately have you had an inspired idea for something, a fun or entertaining or connected idea that makes you smile and lifts your mood –

Only to ignore it.

You say to yourself that it would be good… but there is too much to do. Life is too busy. You have to do all the housework or work work or other boring life stuff.

There’s no time for fun now, not with all those “have-to’s” or “should’s” that need to be done.

There will always be more should’s to tick off that list gorgeous, but if you want to feel more alive, more uplifted and more in flow with life then you have to take the INSPIRED action when it strikes –

Otherwise life is a dry task list of things to be done, before you die.

And you will feel stuck, bored and not sure whats missing.

Think for a moment now the ideas that have come up for you lately, the ones that you have been shoving back down, the inspired moments that need to be actioned.

Take action on one of these today to show that you TRUST yourself and your ability to live life how you want it.

To the mum that is on her phone at the kids play area…

To the mum that is on her phone at the kids play area…

I know you are doing your best…

I know its hard…

I know that you just need some time to yourself…

I know that you just need to check out for a moment…

I know that you are doing ALL that you can…

I know that you are doing your BEST!

Give yourself this time without the guilt.

You don’t need that guilt monster on your shoulder when you are HONESTLY needing the time out.

You are ENOUGH

You are WORTHY


You are doing the HARDEST job on the planet… Raising Kids and no judgemental “young” kidless child CAN make you feel otherwise!
You see I was the young, kidless, judgemental fucker that thought…

Get off your phone…

Pay attention to your kids…

Youre such a lazy parent…

I won’t allow my kids phones…


I was WRONG!

I know now that children are a FULL time job, that you only get to STEAL these moments, that kids are RELENTLESS, that they are TIRING and that you…

DESERVE this fucking 5 minutes on your phone!

Peace Babe You Got This!

5 ESSENTIAL steps to losing ALL the weight that you probably haven’t workout out yet!

5 ESSENTIAL steps to losing ALL the weight that you probably haven’t workout out yet!

I just power journaled around where many women go wrong when it comes to lasting weight loss. I use the word LASTING because there are lots of ways to lose a few kilos – but most of whats out there in the mainstream just doesn’t make it last.

And we only care about the weight loss habits that last.


So here are 5 absolutely non-negotiable steps you MUST sort out if you want your weight to come off – and stay off – for good.

1. Re-sensitise your body to carbs.
We almost never talk about carbs these days, because the fitness world has fucked up so many women’s brains as to whether or not they should eat carbs – this may even affect you?

But in truth, if you have been eating too many processed foods, too many treats and more carby stuff than your body needs –

It gets terrible at knowing what to do with them. Specifically, your body loses the ability to send your carbs to the right place. Your carbs should be going to your muscles, not your fat.

There are many different ways to do this including fasting, eating a high amount of raw food and eating the right balance of foods for YOUR body at each meal.

2. Sort your digestion.
I will be saying this until those cows come home: if your digestion isn’t on point then you will N E V E R have a flat stomach.


And your weight loss journey will be way more slow and tedious. if you get regular gas, bloating, tenderness low on your stomach or don’t poop EVERY day –

You’re screwed. Sorry not sorry, but its the truth. Your body doesn’t give a fuck about weight loss if your bowels are backed up, inflamed and not running like clockwork.

3. Work out your food intolerances.
Do you feel like you eat better than most women but still can’t lock in your weight loss?

Its probably a food intolerance.

More than 50% of women in my experience are intolerant to at least one thing they are eating. Even small amounts of foods youre intolerant to will cause serious inflammation and stress in the body – which means more fat around your belly button.

4. Understand your emotional eating.
Ok so you know that you emotionally eat, but do you know why? Have you dug into it? Coz I promise you that 8pm snack you just ate wasn’t because your body needed it!

You need to know your triggers to be able to either work through them – OR – accept them and find another area that you can work on to keep your weight loss going.

Yep you heard right – you don’t need to get rid of your emotional eating! Sometimes its completely, 1000% necessary to keep you sane and able to deal with life.

5. Decide that your ideal body is a done deal, non-negotiable, absolute must.
You haven’t failed to lose the weight because your body doesn’t work or because your genes are fucked.

You just simply haven’t kept going until it worked.

So you have tried one, two, three, four, MORE diet and exercise programs –

So what?

Keep going.

It takes a certain type of mindset to create an amazing body, a body that turns heads, a body that looks like it belongs on a twenty something with no kids 🙂

You have to destroy guilt, doubt, self criticism, negative self talk, lack of belief, perfctionism and ALLLL the other mental games that come up each day and take you off plan.

You just won’t make it last without this because – life’s not perfect.

You will have relationship troubles, money troubles, stress, kids who refuse to take showers for an hour despite the fact that you need to leave the house NOW and a bunch of other things that will ALWAYS be a part of your life.

You can’t avoid these – but you can be above them.

Higher than them.

Stronger than them.

If you want our help with any of these gorgeous, then you absolutely want to be part about our Strong Mum program.

Its 5 weeks to sort your carb tolerance, digestion, emotional eating and to create a rock-fucking-solid, unshakeable mindset so you can eat stress, time and kid problems for breakfast.

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