OMG You’ve been missing the BIG thing here gorgeous –

How big? Well it might just be the BIGGEST fucking thing that decides whether or not you finally SUCCEED in this quest for a hot as fuck body.

And before I go on, let me tell you – it AINT food or exercise.

You see you can focus on food and exercise all day long if you like, but lets be honest – youve been down that road before, eating less, more leafy greens, more protein, less carbs, less fat, more fat, counting calories –

It hasn’t worked has it? At least, it hasn’t got you ALLLL the way to where you want to go –


So lets talk why it hasn’t clicked yet for you, because I know you’re not like many out there –

You’re actually fucking trying.

You’re not bitching about how hard it all is and how you’re too lazy to get off the fucking couch and do some exercise…

You’re not whinging about how you’re too busy to make changes in your life – don’t get me wrong though – I KNOW you’re busy! Busy as fuck like all driven women are because sitting around waiting for life to pass you by isn’t your game, baby!

I know you’re doing the work!

Which is why I know how frustrating it is that the results don’t come – or that they come too slowly.

Dont worry, I know exactly how you feel. Since we picked up the bug in Thailand last year it has been incredibly hard for me to stay a the level of hotness I am used to! Ok so I know I look good still, but compared to normal?

Not even close. And its been month upon month of frustrating trial and error to try and get rid of this fucker and get back to our usual level of abundant health.

The only thing that has kept us going –

Is that we SEE our goal clearly –

And that its NOT about numbers or dress sizes…

We focus 100% purely on what we will DO with our health and energy when it returns to normal (except that our energy levels aren’t normal, more ridiculous!) and how that will make life more fun, more outrageous, more EPIC and just – more.

So here’s the thing gorgeous, if you’ve been chasing a meaningless number on a scale… or a meaningless dress size, without locking those numbers to something freakin EXCITING that you are going to do with it –


Because numbers mean exactly FUCK ALL.

Who cares what dress size you are… unless you are going to ROCK that shit when you wear it?

Who cares if you weigh 58kg… unless you are going to strut that 58kg butt when you walk?

Because tell me this –

When you picture getting the results in your mind’s eye, when you dream and vision about what may be when you are leaner, sexier, healthier, firmer, lighter –

PLEASE tell me you DONT picture yourself standing on a scale, looking at the numbers, with your fist raised in the air!


You picture…

Hmmm, so many different things…

Freedom maybe?

Freedom to act and walk and talk as you would like…

Freedom to get naked in front of your hubby without the slightest shred of doubt…

Freedom to buy whatever you fancy and to know it will just POP on your body…

Or maybe you picture new adventures, enjoying the outdoors, hiking and climbing…

Or maybe its affection or fun or excitement or being wanted the way you want to be wanted –

I don’t know, its different for all of us.

But no matter what you picture, I can tell you its a LOT fucking more exciting than a dry number on a scale.

So if you TRULY want the results to come FAST –

Let the true vision of what you want for yourself out.

Feel it.

Allow the excitement to take you over.

Dont feel silly or childish or greedy for wanting something amazing.

Just vision it and DO it!

And if you want to REALLY make it happen fast –

Start living that vision now… before you are “there”…


In 2 days I open the doors to the most powerful program we have ever run! Well I say doors, but really we are putting the velvet rope out the front since this program is not a program just anyone can join –

Its more like an exclusive club.

And just like an exclusive club – you have to ask to join.

And while I can’t release any details publicly, I can say that also like a club – only the cool kids get in.

How do you know if its for you?

Its the place for you if you are actually doing the work and can’t seem to figure out what the actual fuck is going wrong and why you aren’t seeing the results.

Its for you if you know that your commitment is 100% and just need the guidance.

Its definitely for you if you want to experience results like no where else on the internet.

And its for you if you know that you want more than just to watch the number on the scales go down (even though thats part of it!)

If you’re loving what Im saying then private message and ask for the secret details.

2 Days gorgeous!



Why are you so busy pretending that you don’t want it all –

Instead of getting out there and making ALL of it happen?

For some reason back in school we were told to be realistic. I remember being told “you can’t have everything…” and its true that anything –


Anything repeated often enough becomes reality.

Thats why I tell myself every day that I deserve EVERYTHING. Everything that I want and fancy, even if I think its fucking outrageous.

Why is that so absurd ? Surely its FAR more absurd that here you are, a single soul in a universe so big that it might just be infinite.

A single soul that is the culmination of BILLIONS of years of universe-y things happening.

Besides, you already have so much already! Its not like you are struggling now is it? How did you get all that you have right now, hmmm?

You just focussed on what you wanted and got it, yeah?

Why should having it all be so different?

Really, the only thing it comes down to is what you are willing to tolerate.

I can’t tolerate having an average body… to be honest I can’t even tolerate having a good body – it has to be great. I to keep getting comments like the other day where a woman stopped me to check my baby was real because she didn’t believe I could have kids! (I didn’t tell her that she was looking at number 2 🙂 )

Its not even hard any more. I put only slightly more than zero effort into it. Just the same way that you put slightly more than zero effort into the things you take for granted and are good at.

I can’t tolerate having an average relationship – I want to be ON FIRE every day.

Too much to ask? Maybe I should just accept that life is busy and there are so many things to do to make a living, and that were tired and that part of the journey is to become room mates dedicated to raising children?

Fuck that.

I was blindfolded and tied up in bed a couple of days ago –

Coz fuck getting old and dying on the couch, watching Shitflix or reality TV.

Ryan and I can not and will not accept sedating ourselves to ignore parts of life that aren’t good enough –

And so –

THIS life.

So over to you gorgeous, what are you tolerating right now that is beneath you, less than the amazing, creative, intelligent, hot blooded woman that you are?

What is the FIRST thing that comes to mind when I ask this question? Does admitting it SCARE the fuck out of you? Like it can’t be whispered out loud in case someone might hear and tell the world?

Coz THAT thing –

Is the VERY thing –

That you should be doing NOW.



There is a women in our community, an awesome and talented and creative woman, who just cant seem to be happy with her body.

She is incredibly lean, you can see her abs and she has a body that most twenty-somethings dont ever achieve.

And yet –

It just isnt enough for her.

She does that thing where when you or I look at your we just see the overall awesomeness of her physique, but that when SHE looks at herself, she just notices all the little “flaws” as large and as big as if they were painted on a billboard.

I know she feels this way because I used to feel this way about MY body.

I used to see all my perceived flaws or bad spots magnified 1000x times to the point that when I looked in the mirror I missed all the good for those one or two areas (that were honestly good anyway) that I didnt like.

Like with everything in life, when something that someone else does triggers you – then you are most likely doing it too. And Ive caught myself saying aloud “this girl needs a reality check!” Someone needs to grab her and tell her to get fucking over it and to focus on doing more of what she wants in her life!

Today though, I caught myself as I sat to do my daily journaling, thinking about how what we have created with our business is not even 1% of the offering we have to deliver in the world…

I caught myself focussing on all that we haven’t achieved, and on how some of our programs could be so much better than they are…

And it hit me smack in the face –

That I have replaced my distorted body focus with a distorted biz focus!

Gah! I thought I had won this game 😉

I started to run through all that had been accomplished in 2017 – the number of womens whose lives where changed for the better and the impact that this had on their families.

And I reminded myself that no matter how good a program or event that we create is –

That there will always be a new level to go to next week, next month and next year.

NOT because I have some deep trauma that makes me feel like Im not enough –

But because I want to experience EVERYTHING that is POSSIBLE for me to create in this life.

That is why you will never be content with good.

Not because you are OCD body obsessed, but because you know that there is ALWAYS something new and amazing to experience when you take your body to the next level.

So dont let the PC, you should just love yourself crowd make you feel like you are silly for striving for more –

You want what you want –

So go get it.



OMFG its just so frustrating when the weight doesnt come off and stay off –


Its frustrating because – unlike the majority of women out there who have weight to lose –

Youre actually trying.

Youre not a little bitch that whinges about not having a flat stomach while simultaneously doing fuck all about it.

Youre actually eating more and more healthy foods…

Youre actually doing daily exercise…

Youre actually working on changing the talk track in your head to create a more and more unstoppable mindset…

Doing the work for you isnt the problem and it feels UNFAIR that you are putting in the effort and just not seeing the results materialise in the mirror –


I know how you feel because we have just been through this in our own way recently. For the first time in over 12 months we had a dip in our business late last year. Not the end of the world, but frustrating as fuck because we were ABSOLUTELY doing the work every single day and because we had consistently grown through 2017.

Over the xmas break we sat together and asked why this had happened.

We came up with all sorts of reasons why – or should I say excuses why – we didnt continue to grow.

We even wondered if you didnt like our message any more and whether we simply just arent inspiring enough.

After blaming a million things outside of ourselves we had a big realisation, which was THIS –

We realised that we didn’t actually want to continue to grow and succeed in the WAY we were doing business.

We created something like 15 new programs last year and were proud of all of them. We helped more than 500 women lose anywhere from 3kg to 37kg, get flat stomachs, firmer toned bootys, as well as kicking their butts to value themselves more and bring more joy into their lives.

What we realised though, was that we wanted to create an experience for women to not only lose ALL the weight – by rolling all those 15 programs into one plus adding more – but who also wanted to be part of a movement of women who were continually living more boldly, more beautifully and more on their terms.

So the reason that we didnt continue to grow –

Was because the WAY that we were dong things wasnt right anymore.

And the absolute WORST thing that can ever happen to you is to become successful at something while not LOVING the way you create it.

We were basically UNKNOWINGLY sabotaging ourselves, because we didnt want it to work in a way that wasnt aligned for us.

Which brings me to your weight loss journey…

Chances are if you haven’t made your weight loss stick –

If you bounce up and down on the scales and can never seem to just consistently be that perfect dress size –

If you feel like you constantly self sabotage and that you create barriers in your way –

Then ask yourself honestly if you are LOVING the WAY that you are creating your weight loss right now…

Because if not, youre doing shit you dont like just to get a result instead of doing whats aligned for you.

And thats crazy baby…

Because you can lose weight ONLY doing the things that you love, that make you feel good and that feel easy and fun.

If you are doing the work and not seeing the results… AND you want to know how you can be part of our epic and EXCLUSIVE new weight loss experience –

Then applications are now open.

A bit of realness first though – this is NOT for you IF:

You refer to yourself as lazy…

You youre not COACHABLE because you have all the answers already…

Youre not ready to forget the “rules” and to be a REBEL…

Youre not willing to INVEST time, money and energy into yourself…

You think that your RESULTS come from anything outside of yourself…

You arent DRIVEN to create an epic life.

If, however, you are ready to be part of an exclusive society of women that are creating amazing bodies and exciting lives –

Then this will be the best thing you do all year.

Message me here to apply and see if this is right for you.



First up, this –

Whatever you see inside of yourself – in your minds eye if you will – you can create for REAL in your life.

Actually, it isnt even right to say that you “can create” what’s in your minds eye, when in reality I should be saying you are being GUIDED to create that.

Dreams arent just tantalising visions that you have to tease you and make you jealous of what could be –

They are downloads that the universe is sending you for what you can, are being guided to and SHOULD create in your life.

Why else would you have them?

I feel that the greatest sin in life is to be realistic. Ok, so its probably not THE worst sin, but no other word keeps you playing small in a life that is beneath what you are capable of experiencing.

So I wanted to share my formula for waking up one day and suddenly having the life you’ve always wanted materialise around you –

Dream it.
Decide it.
Believe it.
Do it.

The first step is to STOP stone fucking cold when you have a vision of what you want and write it down or voice record it or draw a fucking picture – anything to make sure you save it.

Visions and dreams can be fleeting and if you dont get it on paper then they vanish like leftover birthday cake.

Next, decide that you are going to create it. Im not talking about saying “oh, wouldn’t it be nice if…” –

Im talking about deciding that you will keep going until your dream materialises in your life.

Straight up – most people in our world these days just arent going all in on their lives. They are getting by, toeing the line, tolerating how things area and just accepting normal…

But that’s not how its going to be for you is it? You are here to experience something so much more, something special, something that only you can create.

So whatever that big dream is, DECIDE that you are making it non negotiable and –


Believe that you have what it takes to make your dream come true. Nothing happens without belief and trust me, if your goal is truly worthy of you then you are going to require some serious self belief because every journey worth taking is going to have some roadblocks.

Why do most women never achieve the body that they truly want?


They simply dont believe that they can get there. They dont believe they have the genetics or guts or the and so at the first bump in the road –

They stop…
They quit…
They feed their self sabotaging story…
And they tolerate mediocre for the rest of their days.

And if you are having trouble with belief, let me tell you something –

No matter what your life is like right now –
No matter the difficulties and challenges –
No matter the pressures and the expectations –

There is someone out there in the exact same situation who HAS ALREADY realised your dream.

I’ve seen mothers of 5, working full time, who have created a rockin’ body in just a few months…

It can be done.

Lastly –


Look I know you arent afraid of a little hard work… You’ve always done the work when you wanted something in your life.

But I know youre like me and sometimes if you cant do the work PERFECTLY, then you have a tendency to stop…

This is my own little form of self sabotage – perfectionism.

Well let me tell you something I’ve learned over the years –

Just do the work daily, as best you can, without fail, perfect or no –

And you will get the result you want.

Dream it.
Decide it.
Believe it.
Do it!