I was just walking down near the coast when someone pulled up their car and tried to make fun of me.

Its funny how we can sense weird or potentially confrontational situations before they happen… I got a vibe from the car that was coming in the opposite direction and looked straight at the driver.

He had an odd smile on his face, like he was in on a practical joke or something and I noticed the car start to slow down as it approached me.

My heart rate went up just a tiny bit as the car stopped next to me… the guy in the back put his head out the window and yelled in a sarcastic voice “huge muscles man”.

The car erupted in laugher as it drove away and I got on with my day.

Then I noticed something…

10 minutes later I was still thinking about it…

Off and on, I would get flashes of anger or aggression…

Why is this even bothering me, i asked myself?

See the thing is, I used to be very self conscious. I had a low sense of self worth and really took everything that everyone said to heart.

I would pretend of course that this wasn’t the case, but the truth was the internally I really allowed things to get to me, when I felt excluded, judged or rejected.

This was my way for years… and I allowed it to affect my behaviour in so many ways, the most common of which was that I stopped being ME and instead tried to work out who to be to get approval.

I shut down my genius and my talents and my light.

Then one day I realised the truth –

That I only felt this way because I didnt value myself enough, because I didnt feel worthy of more.

AND that not everyone was going to like me, no matter how much I tried to be what I thought they wanted.

So instead I loved me more… and decided that people can get fucked if they didnt like me.

Its funny though, how on occasion, those old mindsets we have shifted and healed still on occasion poke their heads through!

I share this because we talk to women EVERY DAY who feel they cant be themselves when around friends or family.

The most common scenario is to be with parents or in laws who ask a million questions – or just downright make fun – about your choice to do something for your body.

“Why are you eating so much raw food?”

“Why are you only drinking juice?”

“Go on, stop being silly / boring / OCD about your diet and just have (whatever cheap junk is on the table)”

Ever dealt with this?

The thing to realise is:

1. You can ALWAYS be in your power and simply make the choice you want to make, without justification, reason or apology, other than “because I choose to”

2. That these comments always come from scared, small people, who are terrified of your decision to be yourself, intimidated by your ability to OWN your choices — and they need to project this onto you to build themselves up.

You can choose to be triggered –

Or you can choose to stay in your power and simply feel compassion for the fact that they dont love themselves enough and doubt their own worth.

Just be YOU!




Sometimes you feel that no matter how hard you work and no matter what you try, the results just seem to always elude you.

You make a plan, you push, do the work, you struggle and kick some butt –

And you get a result but it is just so fleeting and short lived that you end up wondering what the fucking point of all that work was!?

Know what I mean?

Of course you do…

I’ve been feeling this today.

Even though its so stupidly easy for me to stay in awesome shape – like, easy to the point of it doesnt even matter if I binge on cake or chips, I STILL stay look and feel freakin’ awesome –

Its not always true with money.

Money is always something that gets made and then slips through my fingers just as quickly… It doesnt matter how much of it I make, it doesnt matter if it FAR exceeds my expenses –

It just seems to go.

Its not that I dont work hard, Im definitely not afraid of the hard work and grind that results require.

And its not that I dont know what to do, Ive been there and done that before.

As i sat here with this today in my journaling, I got a very clear message from within –


You see, I have been afraid of responsibility since I was a kid. My parents separated when I was young and then mum died a few years later.

I was thrust into the role of carer for my brother and sister…

I was expected to act like a balanced and rational adult and keep my siblings safe, when my body and mind were telling me to play and be rough and go and be alone or with kids my own age.

In my 20’s and 30’s, I could never work out why I couldn’t get ahead to the level I wanted to. I was smart, driven and willing to work… and while I had some success for sure, it wasnt what i knew was possible for me.

I knew I wasnt born for good… I was born for great!

I started to realise that I would use surface level excuses for my sabotage… I would blame others for THEM not taking responsibility… I would look to experts or people in authority to tell me what to do.

All the while, avoiding the responsibility for my results.

It wasnt until I took OWNERSHIP – extreme ownership – like EVERYTHING that I do or dont have in my life is on ME –

That I have begun to see bigger results start to happen.

Which brings me to you…

You really think that your unfair schedule is to blame for you not doing your exercise…

You really think that your hubby / friend / boss or kids are the reason that you arent where you want to be with your body…

You truly believe that you haven’t succeeded in getting
because of some reason OUTSIDE of you?

You know what Im talking about, dont you.

The crazy thing… is that you ARE capable of taking 100%, ZERO doubts, complete and extreme ownership of your results –


And when you do…

When you STEP the fuck UP and start OWNING that shit –

Then all the surface excuses like –

I just like food (or chocolate or other sugary delight) too much…

I’m too busy right now…

I just cant afford it right now…

I dont have time right now –

They just drop away…

And you are free to CRUSH IT and get the results you want.

Oh, one more thing –

If not TODAY –



Ready to own that shit?

The Society is the highest weight loss game we’ve ever played and already we are seeing MASSIVE results in a ridiculously short time!

8.7kg lost in 3 weeks…

39cm loss in 2 weeks…

3.1kg lost in a week!

This is happening NOW and you are missing out!

Why does it work so well?

Its because of our one of a kind 4 step process:

STEP #1 is to RESET your body. Like, literally flick the reset switch from “OFF” to “FAT BURNING MACHINE”.

STEP #2 is to discover your unique food blueprint. Did you know that you have a unique set of rules that exist within your body? But these arent like the “rules” you’ve learnt from the media or other experts… How could an expert know your body better than you?

All you need to do is to tap in to what is ALREDY there inside you – and eat accordingly.

STEP #3 is to CRUSH those mindset blocks and self sabotage. Look, lets be honest you and I – you know that you should stop eating biscuits…

You know that you should exercise…

You know you should make better choices… but –

You dont always do you?

Its not that you arent trying, its that something keeps coming up for you to knock you off the bandwagon.

When you dont do what you know you should – its NOT a food and exercise problem! Its a MINDSET challenge…

And until you rewrite those beliefs –

You Will ALWAYS Fail.

You can never rise above what you believe!

STEP #4 is to put this all together so that you can do it forever YOURSELF. Does your body work the same now as it did before kids? Or as it did 5 years ago? No? Do you think it will work the same in another 5 years? Or after another kid?


You change and your needs change too.

So if you follow a one-size-fits-all plan, then EVEN if (and its a big if) you get results –

What happens in a few years when your body changes?

Well its no biggie, as long as youre happy to keep buying plans for the rest of your life!

Once you go through this process then YOU are the trainer… YOU are the expert… YOU are all you will ever need to be able to keep your body how you want it.

This 4 Step plan is what we offer in The Society.

If you feel this is right for you, then PM us now on Facebook and say fuck you to dreaming and hello to living in the body you want.



I feel like one day I’m going to be caught out and get in trouble, like the powers at be will put me over their lap and spank me (ha ok maybe a little OTT)

Its interesting, even after all these years of being an “adult” and working on myself over and over again.

I still feel unworthy
I still wonder wether I am good enough to be leading
I still dont feel like a real woman
I still compare myself to others
Im still trying to be the best and mostly…

I feel like Im failing.

At all of these things.

I still feel trapped by societies expectations, of what it means to be smart, of what it means to be the best or the leader or. a. woman.

All these rules and standards that I REBEL against yet, they are inside me, burning a whole in my heart, the little girl inside of me is still trying to be better than her sister and failing miserably…

I will never be NORMAL

I will never live up to societies standards and mostly I am ok with that, its only on days like today, where I feel anxious, twisted inside, trying to run from the responsibility of the real world that I feel, well,

Unequipped to fit into this world…

The self questioning doesn’t stop
My mind races…

What if I am exposed as the silly little girl that I feel like…
What if someone realises I don’t know how to be a great mother…
What if people find out I don’t know all the ins and outs of macro-fucking-nutrients…
What if people question me about why I know so much, about their minds, about why they do the things they do…
How do I respond when people ask my, “do you have a degree in psychology?”

Because the things I know about people, about you, about me, I feel like I shouldn’t know…

I know why people do what they do…
I know what their issues are, just by talking to them…
I know what holds them back….
I know when you feel unloved and when you are hiding it through consumption of clothes and food…

I know way too much for my level of “education” and this is why I feel like a fraud…

I don’t fit the “smart” mould
I don’t fit the “do it the right way” mould

I just don’t FIT…

And I feel vulnerable.
I feel like a scared little girl right now that might be exposed…

Normally I am ok with this… not today!

Its in these moments that I am tested, that I realise…

I was NEVER meant to fit into societies BOX…

That is why I fucking CREATED my own.

Guess what its called?…

The SOCIETY – its filled with BADASS REBEL women, that weren’t born to fit into the rules of society, that want to take their own world by storm. They are rising, they are creating their own “norm” their own reality and a HOT AF body to go with it all.

So if you want a sneak peek inside from outside of the box…

Click here to message me on Facebook!

And if you don’t, you were never meant to know or be a part of it anyways.




So often when things aren’t working for us – like youre not losing weight or things just aren’t connecting with hubby or your kids seem to be doing their best to railroad your day – whats really going on is youre not allowing yourself to be you.

I had a conversation with a client yesterday who was sharing how she was really struggling to stick to her diet since becoming pregnant. The diet has been working for her – shes lost 30kg in a year and feeling great for it.

But since becoming pregnant all of a sudden even the thought of the foods on the plan bring her to the point of vomiting!

So her question was “how do I get back on plan?”.

Now on the surface this seems to be the right question. Your mind says go back to the thing that was working even though your body is telling you something really different.

This sound obvious but pregnancy changes your body! Every woman knows that her needs change during pregnancy and that sometimes you just want to eat oranges or eggs or some crazy combination of foods – without really knowing why.

You just know you need it.

So we spoke about trusting that her body knows what it needs and to simply allow that.

To take this a step further, think about how things go in your relationship when you and your partner aren’t conencting.

You feel like he isn’t meeting your needs in some way, or that he is taking from you without really giving.

This creates all sorts of tension and you end up either silently hating on him (which he probably doesn’t really pay attention to), or you just end up straight out fighting about how he doesn’t contribute enough or doesn’t love on your enough before wanting sex…

When really…

Underneath it all…

YOU are the one who isn’t being you.

I know for me, when I haven’t made space for myself to go and do… whatever it is I feel like doing… I end up taking it out on Stace and Charlize.

Im passive aggressive and I feel like they are disrespecting me through their actions.

But as soon as I listen in to what I need, share it honestly, and then just take action –

It all just falls away.

And things just get easy.

We can take this to another level too, when it comes to feeling like you are living on purpose or whether you are simply grinding through the day, shutting down your soul so that you can pay the bills.

The more you let YOU out…

The easier and more in flow life becomes.

It can be hard, because sometimes the truth is scary to share… youre worried that youre partner or friends won’t understand…

Sometimes you dont feel like you deserve to be loved or appreciated in the way that you want to be…

Sometimes its tough to admit that the path youre on is not the path that you should be living…

But at the end of the day, the whole reason for playing this human game –

The WHOLE point of being alive –

Is to be YOU.

All of YOU.

Totally YOU.

Without apology, justification, approval or permission.

Life is now, allow what you truly need and who you truly are to come through.


The Society is where we show women how to create a hot as fuck body by allowing who they are to come through.

Allowing your true food needs to come through.

Allowing your true exercise needs out.

Allowing how you want to be loved so that you dont binge and crave like crazy.

Look, youre a smart woman and you could work this out yourself with time. But we know how to get you there faster if you are ready to move into you fully (like alisons results below).

Private message us now to find out how to make this weight loss thing easy by letting your true needs come through.

You are bigger than your bullshit Stacey!

You are bigger than your bullshit Stacey!

I have found myself allowing my stories and my excuses to dictate my actions or my lack of actions rather.

I have been telling myself…
“I’m too tired”
“It’s too hard right now”
“I don’t have the time or the energy”
“I don’t know what to do”

Do you experience these stories in your own life?

Sometimes this talk track just goes on and on in the background of my mind and I lose days, weeks and even months. Then one day I wake up and have this overwhelming sense of, “where the fuck has the last few months gone?!”

I haven’t trained, I haven’t done the things I love doing, I’ve eaten a whole lot worse and mostly I just feel like shit.
The funny thing is, I don’t feel any better for buying into the stories and excuses.

I don’t feel any better for sitting on the couch instead of moving my body.

I don’t feel any better for buying into the negative BS.
It makes everything worse. EVERYTHING!

I thought I was immune to my own stories, that I was beyond my excuses… Turns out there is levels.

Levels upon levels of my own BS.

But again, I choose to step forward TO RELEASE THE NEGATIVE STORIES.

To release my excuses.

To take one step at a time and to ENJOY the process.
I know you are like me, I hear your excess, I know your stories…
My question to you is…

Is your happiness, your energy, you love for life BIGGER than your excuses?

If you are here, and you have read this post, I know you WANT to unleash your love for life.

When you allow the excuses and stories to drop away, life becomes easy, weight loss becomes easy, everything is WAY more fun.

I know you want this.
I know you know this is the way
I know you are thinking how the fuck do you find this, the stories, the excuses are all I have known (at least for a long time now)
You start again.

You give yourself permission to START again.

To wipe the slate clean, no matter how many times you have failed, no matter how many different diets you have tried, no matter how much you hate exercise…

You wipe that fucking slate clean and decide, you make a CHOICE.

You CHOOOSE your happiness over your negativity.
You choose to recreate your stories
You choose to define your own reality
You choose to release any OLD excuses that held you down.
You choose to be FREE.

I know you want help with this gorgeous.

I know I can help you step through this, because I hold myself to this level, I choose every day to see what holds me and to step forward with JOY anyways.

I choose my happiness daily and, in The Society, I can guide you to do the same.

What’s the Society – Its an exclusive club for REBEL women who want to live an EPIC life in a HOT AF body – no excuses, no stories just REAL results from taking responsibility for everything in life.

This is not for every lady.

Its only for women who are READY to release their SHIT forever, the women that are willing to look at what holds them back (it isn’t food or exercise), the real shit that has them emotional eating, looking for love and connection in food and clothes…

Are you ready for the real work?

Hit me up and I will see if you are a fit for REAL weight loss, REAL life, REAL Love and an EPIC LIFE!