Do you really think that to get in amazing shape and to feel energised and on fire that you need to get the whole thing perfect?

That your training needs to be every day, for at least a certain amount of time, doing weights and cardio and stretching and relaxation… or that there is somehow a “best” way to train to lose weight?

That your diet needs to be somehow perfectly balanced between protein, carbs and fats (because no one just eats food anymore, everything is a macro) and that your brekky, lunch and dinner have to look a certain way… and that you need to find yourself the magical meal plan that you just follow every single day?

I used to think this way.

I used to be so concerned about doing my workouts perfectly and getting my meals EXACTLY right based on the latest scientific theory about macronutrients, to the point where I would systematically reduce my calories each week.

The thing is –

It fucks your mind up!
And its not necessary.

I found it so incredibly stressful doing this all the time. Not because the process was stressful, but because I found myself constantly thinking about food and whether or not I was doing it “right”.

Here’s the thing, our bodies arent machines. If you take two of the same cars, and put 40 litres of fuel in them, they will go pretty much the same distance. The input and output is the same.

Your body is NOT like that.

Its a complex physical, emotional and spiritual being that can change how the fuel is used just by THINKING.

If we take two women the same size and feed them both 2000 calories and the exact same exercise program, one could lose weight and one could gain it.

Say one of those women was totally stressed out because she believed that eating carbs was “bad” and our meal plan included some delicious potatoes.

She will lose weight more slowly than the other. Hmmm, maybe I should clear this up – she will lose FAT much more slowly, since stress massively impacts fat loss.

So what you BELIEVE about weight loss WILL affect your progress.

If you believe that your diet needs to be perfect – and you cant live up to it – then the stress will slow down your results.

This is why we tell our clients that there is no food you can eat that is worse than stressing about it.

Now, dont take this to mean you can just sit on the couch and eat whatever as long as you dont stress about it. Youre still gonna have to eat a mostly wholefoods diet and do some freakin exercise each day.

It means when that complex mix of emotions and spirit that is you feels like a muffin –

Just have it.
Enjoy it.
Move on.

It means to let go of the perfect ratio of foods that go into each meal.

It means let go of the need for an exact plan that you can follow like a machine each and every day.

It means accepting that you arent perfect, wont ever be perfect and that thats OK.

Better for an extra muffin a week than to stop your whole fucking weight loss plan on Tuesday because you fell off the bandwagon on Monday… Sound like you? Dont worry, it has happened to EVERY woman Ive ever spoken to!

My perfectionism runs DEEP.

I first realised it a decade ago and have been working to release it ever since.

Sometimes I nail it… and sometimes I find myself back in the place chasing the magical combination.

Whatever you choose to believe about food, exercise and weight loss, I want to remind you that life was never meant to be spent obsessing over your body.

Weight loss should be easy – it IS easy – if you allow it.

That might be hard to hear from where you are right now, but its true. In our year of sleeplessness (thankfully now resolving!!!!) want to know how much weight we’ve gained?


We are both as lean as we were when training more and getting more sleep.

Our beliefs dont require us to be perfect to stay in great shape. (We both look a bit older though for sure! 🧓😂)

So eat well, make great choices, but choose to believe that it can be easy and that you dont need to nail it every single day to get there.

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Hustle Workout 5

As Many Rounds As Possible In 15 Minutes Of:

10 Meters x Bear Crawl

10 x Table Top

10 Meters x Frogger

10 Meters x Gorilla Crawl

Rest when you need to at any time.

Hustle Workout 4

4 Rounds Of:

5 x Bend And Reach (each leg)

Rest 30

5 x Push Ups

Rest 30

5 Meters x Walking Side Plank (each direction)

Rest 30

5 x Lying Side Raise (each side)

Rest 30

Hustle Workout 3

3 – 5 Rounds Of:

20 x Step Lunges

Rest 60

20 x Hip Extensions

Rest 60

20 x Step Ups

Rest 60

20 x Side Lunges 

Rest 60

The Weight Loss Cycle… Sound Familiar?

The Weight Loss Cycle… Sound Familiar?

– Eat “clean”
– Exercise hard
– See some small change
– Plateau
– Work harder
– Fall of the bandwagon and commit “death by chocolate”
– Get back on and try even harder again
– Wonder why it doesnt work despite all the hard work
– More chocolate
– Repeat 5 times trying keto, paleo, crossfit, vegan, or whatever the latest craze is
– Get a trainer
– Enjoy the conversation but not see results
– Decide its genetics / takes too much time / just isnt for you

It’s such a frustrating cycle…

Ive been thinking lately about cycles in life and how we often have the same frustrating or uncomfortable scenario come back around all the time.

We see many women go through this over and over – they do the work to lose weight and then gain it back. And while this is happening again and again the inner story usually turns to –

Its not fair…
I try so hard…
I’m doing all the right things…

Followed by – blaming.

You blame your hubby for not supporting you by creating the space you need to exercise or prep or relax.

You blame your kids for being so demanding and needing so much time and for being constantly on you.

You blame your parents for the 150 reasons that they weren’t good enough and didnt do a bette job.

You blame your trainer or the online celebrity program that you paid for because it didnt deliver the results.

Everywhere, the finger gets pointed except squarely where it belongs –

Back at you.

I know this because this is what I have been doing lately. Pointing the finger at all and sundry because they arent getting me, arent helping me, arent supporting me, arent magically somehow knowing what Im going through and what I want (even though Im not really telling them clearly).

When the hard truth is –

It ALL on me.
In the way I THINK…
And in the ACTION my thinking makes me take.

Because here’s the thing: cycles have nothing to do with the CIRCUMSTANCES of your life.

You didnt gain the weight back after the last 8 week challenge, online program or diet thing you tried because of time, money or other life circumstances.

Im not saying these arent factors, just that they arent the CAUSE. They are the RESULT.

The true cause, every time and without fail is –

How you think.
What you believe.
And what actions this causes you to take.

Lately I have found myself wondering how it is we are able to make a lot of money, but always end up falling back to our “normal” level.

Its fucking frustrating. We work HARD. So why the fuck doesnt it grow like we want it?

Its not even that our normal level is bad – we live a very comfortable lifestyle. Its just that we haven’t set a new normal in a few years now. And the more I dig into it, the more I do the inner work on it, the more I can see that its totally about what we believe is possible and what “must” be done to create it.

One of the inner beliefs that I have long held onto around money, is that to be next level successful means sacrificing family life to do all the work required. Ive had several friends and mentors over the years who are multimillionaires, who all suffered breakdowns of their family unit.

I’ve realised how much this belief has caused me to drop everything the moment I THINK it could impact things at home.

Because the reality is – there are lots of successful people that enjoy a good home life!

So if youre currently riding the weight loss merry-go-round, frustrated, blaming and generally wondering what the fuck to do –

Its time to change your thinking and beliefs.

You can eat all the freakin salad in the world, but if you cant align your beliefs and thinking with the actions that you need to continually take – you wont ever lock those results in place.

And remember, right now there are thousands of women who are experiencing the exact life challenges you are – and are still in shit hot shape.

What is story that you KEEP on telling yourself, over and over, that is stopping you from locking in the results?


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Most importantly of all, this book is about certainty.

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Most books on weight loss are focussed on what you “have” to do. They are full of rules to be followed – whether you like them or not. Whether you want to do them for the next 10 years – or not.

This book is different.

It is an uncommon guide to understanding YOUR body and its needs, so that you can always know EXACTLY what you need to do.

Because lets be honest, does your body work the same as five years ago? Ten years ago? What about since baby 1,2 or 3? Im about to turn 33 and after two kids – my diet and exercise needs are completely different than they were just a few years ago!

Long term results – and that feeling of certainty – come from always being able to tune in to what your body needs, today and forever. And that is what this book is about.

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