I just power journaled around where many women go wrong when it comes to lasting weight loss. I use the word LASTING because there are lots of ways to lose a few kilos – but most of whats out there in the mainstream just doesn’t make it last.

And we only care about the weight loss habits that last.


So here are 5 absolutely non-negotiable steps you MUST sort out if you want your weight to come off – and stay off – for good.

1. Re-sensitise your body to carbs.
We almost never talk about carbs these days, because the fitness world has fucked up so many women’s brains as to whether or not they should eat carbs – this may even affect you?

But in truth, if you have been eating too many processed foods, too many treats and more carby stuff than your body needs –

It gets terrible at knowing what to do with them. Specifically, your body loses the ability to send your carbs to the right place. Your carbs should be going to your muscles, not your fat.

There are many different ways to do this including fasting, eating a high amount of raw food and eating the right balance of foods for YOUR body at each meal.

2. Sort your digestion.
I will be saying this until those cows come home: if your digestion isn’t on point then you will N E V E R have a flat stomach.


And your weight loss journey will be way more slow and tedious. if you get regular gas, bloating, tenderness low on your stomach or don’t poop EVERY day –

You’re screwed. Sorry not sorry, but its the truth. Your body doesn’t give a fuck about weight loss if your bowels are backed up, inflamed and not running like clockwork.

3. Work out your food intolerances.
Do you feel like you eat better than most women but still can’t lock in your weight loss?

Its probably a food intolerance.

More than 50% of women in my experience are intolerant to at least one thing they are eating. Even small amounts of foods youre intolerant to will cause serious inflammation and stress in the body – which means more fat around your belly button.

4. Understand your emotional eating.
Ok so you know that you emotionally eat, but do you know why? Have you dug into it? Coz I promise you that 8pm snack you just ate wasn’t because your body needed it!

You need to know your triggers to be able to either work through them – OR – accept them and find another area that you can work on to keep your weight loss going.

Yep you heard right – you don’t need to get rid of your emotional eating! Sometimes its completely, 1000% necessary to keep you sane and able to deal with life.

5. Decide that your ideal body is a done deal, non-negotiable, absolute must.
You haven’t failed to lose the weight because your body doesn’t work or because your genes are fucked.

You just simply haven’t kept going until it worked.

So you have tried one, two, three, four, MORE diet and exercise programs –

So what?

Keep going.

It takes a certain type of mindset to create an amazing body, a body that turns heads, a body that looks like it belongs on a twenty something with no kids 🙂

You have to destroy guilt, doubt, self criticism, negative self talk, lack of belief, perfctionism and ALLLL the other mental games that come up each day and take you off plan.

You just won’t make it last without this because – life’s not perfect.

You will have relationship troubles, money troubles, stress, kids who refuse to take showers for an hour despite the fact that you need to leave the house NOW and a bunch of other things that will ALWAYS be a part of your life.

You can’t avoid these – but you can be above them.

Higher than them.

Stronger than them.

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