1. You’re not a vegan or a carnivore – but you might be.

WTF am I talking about? Well here’s the thing, some people can live just on meat… and some can live just on plants… but most are somewhere in the middle.

This is why we dont push keto or vegan or even paleo – because they are bullshit words that dont mean anything unless you want to belong to a club… “Hey, Im from vegan club … the first rule of vegan club is you MUST talk about vegan club…” 😉

The point is that you need to find the rough ratio of foods that works for your body, rather than joining a club because the brochure sounds good.

TIP —> Save yourself the club membership fees and just focus on finding what works rather than making your diet your identity.

2. There are no healthy or unhealthy foods.

There is no such thing as a guaranteed healthy food! All foods have the potential to be good or bad for you. Most people would agree that avocados are good for you right? Well not if youre Stacey and you are ALLERGIC to them and they make your throat swell up!

The same goes for rice or beef or ANY food – its completely 100% UNIQUE to YOU!

TIP —> If you arent losing weight it might be because the foods you think are healthy arent right for YOUR body.

3. Low carb can make you fat.

When Stacey eats low carb she feels like crap, cant string a sentence together and her body looks sort of flat and withered.

When she eats more carbs, she looks brighter and leaner and all sparky in the eyes! Of course Im not talking about processed carbs here – she aint eating much bread or pasta…

Being low carb all the time for most women is a mistake and leads to being a cranky bitch that no one wants to hang out with and for some women – can make them fatter.

A better strategy for most women is to change the amount of carbs they eat each day, including some low days and some higher days.

TIP —> If you’ve been low carb for a while and it aint working, dont keep doing it.

4. Food has life force.

I’m a really sciency guy (except for my use of the word “sciency”) so I dont really like saying things that arent backed by studies, but over the years Ive said all sorts of things that turned out to be true once science caught up, so here I go again –

Errrybody gets so caught up in the vitamins and minerals in food and they are important for sure, but food is more than just nutrition…

It is LIFE.

And to give life it has to HAVE life in it…

Anyone that has done our Ultimate 21 Day Cleanse will tell you the freakin’ ridiculous energy (not to mention the ridiculous weight loss) that comes with 3 weeks of eating completely raw food – DESPITE eating far less food!

More energy… Less food… Hmmm

Why does this work? Because the food still has life force when you eat it.

Im sure in the next decade or so, the science people in the white coats will do an experiment on a raw carrot and go “Hmmm, this food seems to be alive and makes people feel good and lose weight.”

TIP —> Eat more raw food… Lots more… Take the amount you first thought of and double it…

5. You should eat the same food twice in a row – but not thrice.

Humans get a thing called “taste fatigue” where they stop wanting to eat the same food again. I think its basically natures way of making sure you get a broad range of nutrition and also to stop you being boring…

That being said one of the biggest barriers to consistent weight loss is making 3 frickin’ meals a day!! It just takes too much time and messing around…

TIP —> Cook once and eat twice… Dinner should also be brekky (or at least lunch)


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