Do you feel like you are in a rut when it comes to your body, fitness, health and wellbeing? I know from experience that somedays it seems like the mountain is just too bloody high, so why even bother starting right?
I’ll have you know that even the most in shape, ‘health conscious’ people have these days, you are not alone!

Somedays (like today) I wake up feeling like absolute shit, for no reason… well maybe I might be getting my period, just don’t tell my hubby that I admitted it ok!
I understand that being in the best shape physically, mentally and emotionally means more than just looking good in the mirror. I understand that feeling like you are firing on all cylinders means you will be able to get shit done in your busy life AND you will be able to do the ‘healthy’ stuff as well!
There are different ways you can approach health and fitness, I’ve tried a ‘few’… Here are my 6 tips to making your life and your fitness a hell of a lot easier!

Make Small Changes

No you wont move a mountain in a day, neither will the fat fall off you body in 1 workout and uncover the shit hot sexy women hiding underneath… Unfortunately, I would love that as much as you would! Make one positive change a day (a small one) for instance change one meal, drink 2 litres of water, do a 5 minute weighted workout, reduce processed foods, gratitude journal before bed. There are plenty of small habits that you could change right now, that will have a massive impact on how you feel, look and act!

Be Consistent

The best results come to those who are consistent. Either consistently good or consistently bad! It’s your choice, but your results with reflect the one you choose. Being consistent has a compounding, flow on effect that will result in you achieving more and more everyday. Set small achievable targets and stick at them!

Be Smart

Pick your battles, don’t over commit, don’t stress the small shit, do more things that make you smile, choose food that makes you feel good, get outdoors, be open-minded for change, don’t wait until tomorrow, invest in yourself and your health. You are the most important person in your family, take care of yourself because if you don’t, you won’t be able to take care of everyone else!

Surround yourself with doers

Find other women that are taking daily action to better themselves. Surround yourself with the crazy ones that have smiles on their faces, that are skipping through the park and feeling great. Haha, no seriously accountability comes from sharing your journey with other women that are in the same place as you! Mass motivation, to keep you pushing forward even when you don’t feel like it!

Love Yourself skinny

Be an active talker, not a passive listener. Tell yourself you look great.
That you are working hard
That you can achieve anything you set your mind to
That you look shit hot
That you can do one more set
Reaffirm everything that is great about YOU, everything that is going to be great about YOU and everything that you want to BE! Don’t settle for negative self talk.

Fuck the rules

Exactly as above, somedays shit happens, things change. So you need to adapt and change with it. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to living life. So you will need to go with the flow, don’t resist change embrace it!
Following these tips will help you feel like you can take on the world (or your family) and feel shit hot in your own body! Which of the above tip do you think will help you out the most, comment below?

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