1. Stop being so damn responsible
As a women, mum, leader you take on so much responsibility and routine. Let others pull there weight. Stop needing to be in control of everything you do. Be spontaneous… Its exciting!

2. Get clear on your vision
Set goals… knock me over with something new! If you ever want to achieve anything, you need to be clear on what you REALLY want. Push the boundaries next year!

3. Learn new shit
If your not growing, learning and creating you are dying a slow painful death. Or living a boring mundane same-same life. Change it up! Watch what happens…

4. Get Healthy
If your health isn’t where you want it to be, then everything else will suffer. If you want to step out and live a life full of excitement and vigor then get your health in check – change your lifestyle, no yo-yo diets aloud!

5. Hire a coach
If you want to be a better singer, dancer, hockey player or business women hire someone who’s been there and done it, or you can even just reach out to someone you admire in the area of your choice.

6. Express gratitude every night
Start being grateful for the things you have in your life before bed every night… You will surprise yourself with how wonderful your life is!

7. Be thankful
Even when your kids are being total shits and drawing on the walls… be thankful. They are showing you how to have fun, without all the rules you have put on yourself. It’s another day to choose happy!

8. Surround yourself with positive people
Negativity will bring you down everyday of the week. Weed these people from your life… unless they are serving you? Really think about this one!
It’s Christmas, Everyone needs a little love!