Hey gorgeous its Stacey Barnes here and I want you to know straight up that this weight loss thing – Its easy.

My husband Ryan and I help growth oriented women like you create the body – and even life – that you fucking love based solely on doing what feels right for you.

Eating how you love. Exercising how you love.

The reason why this whole diet and exercise thing hasn’t worked for you so far, is that you have been following someone else’s rules for YOUR body. And thats a BIG fucking problem honey! Because there is no such thing as a one size fits all diet and exercise program.

We have reached the point in our world where we have lost the ability to trust ourselves to know what our body needs and instead we blindly follow what the latest “expert” tells us. Which is just plain stupid gorgeous, because if you look at the experts over the last 10, 20, 30 years – They have all been saying something different!

And it changes all the time.

Why is this? Its because the experts have been missing THE most important part of creating lasting weight loss – that only YOU truly know what you need to feel inspired, alive, energised, satisfied, electrified and connected, as well as how much, how often and whether or not you should EVEN eat at all.

How can some other person know how much you need to eat better than you? They can’t of course. You know your body best and when you learn to listen to the signals that it’s giving you – and make no mistake, it is ALWAYS sending you the right signals – then losing weight becomes easy and simple and most of all FUN.

And fun is a pre-requisite baby!

It saddens me to see so many women out there doing shit they hate, just to try and lose weight.

Forcing themselves to do exercise they don’t like or find boring.

Doing crazy things like restricting or counting calories, going low carb, going low fat, high protein, avoiding grains, avoiding fruit, going keto when it causes feelings of stress, restriction and guilt.

Ryan and I always say that there is no unhappy journey to a happy destination – you can’t force yourself thin by doing stuff you hate because ultimately, in the end, whatever you do to lose the weight – You have to keep doing!


So you may as well love it beautiful coz otherwise life is gonna feel pretty sucky.

Now just because I say that there is nothing you “need” to do to lose weight and that you CAN create a body only eating and moving as you love – it doesnt mean that there isnt any work!

There is always work to be done if you want to create an amazing body and I only work with women who are ready to DO the fucking work, ALL the work – until it works. All I’m saying is that the journey can and should be FUN, EASY and something that you WANT to do on repeat.

Now, there is one more thing I need from you, if we are going to be friends you and I, and play this game of fun and easy weight loss. Its just a little thing, but its essential if you want to join this movement of revolutionary women who are losing weight by breaking all the rules of health and weight loss – making it fun, easy and doing it ALL without guilt. 

You have to be daring.

And you have to be ready to be just a little bit of a rebel.

Because gorgeous, it’s us rebels who are willing to do things differently than everyone else.

To ignore the crowd when they tell you that you can’t have your cake and eat it too – and I DO eat cake! Without guilt I might add 😉

If you love this idea then I have something that I want you to have, a free gift to start you on this journey. It’s right below but before you download it I want to introduce you to my hubby, Ryan.

You see Ryan and I are a team on this thing. You get both of us! We have built a life that many only dream of, a connected, fun, passionate life with an intense focus on constant growth.

In our health.
In our business.
In our relationship.
In our sexuality.
And as a family.

Ryan is a strong, proud and passionate father to our two kids, with a curiosity for life I have rarely seen in another human. Plus, he has a depth of food and exercise knowledge that is out of this world and one of those annoying memories that is almost photographic!

Together we are a health and fitness power couple that help women like you every day take their body, relationships and life to new levels.

So that’s us gorgeous! If you love – and ONLY if you love – what I’m putting down then stick around coz we are gonna rock your weight loss world BIG TIME!

Do this first – Click here now to download our free gift to you, Cracking The Mummy Tummy Code – How Busy Mum’s Can Have A Flat Stomach, Insane Energy And An End To Weight Loss Confusion where I lay out the non negotiable steps of creating a lasting flat stomach no matter where you are starting from or whether it has eluded you for years!

And remember –

There is no unhappy journey to a happy destination.


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