I can still remember the days when I would wonder how many carbs I could have today and not gain fat on my belly.

I can remember when I wasn’t sure which food it was that would cause me to bloat and even when I cut them ALL out and tried one at a time – the foods seemed to change all the time!

I can remember being so caught up trying to work out the perfect exercise program that would make me lean and toned, that I ended up doing the same workout all the time because it was the “best” one.

I followed the “body rules” for years based on all the science and while I have no doubts that it “worked”, it just left me with a constant feeling of lifelessness.

Food stopped being about enjoying nourishing food and was about calculating what to eat to be lean.

I was afraid to eat fruit “because of all the sugar”.

Exercise was like doing maths homework in high school (uhhh…) working out the right formula to make my abs show more.

For more than 10 years…

It was all so flat, dull, lifeless, boring – dead.

Then one day I just gave up.


I ate more chocolate.

I took more days off.

I played more sport and ate fucking bananas… Lots of bananas! 🙂

And lo and behold – it all became easy.

I got leaner.

I had more energy.

Life was more fun and i didn’t feel a lick of guilt for the days when I just had some wine with friends and laughed and told silly stories and didn’t take myself so gawd damned seriously.

Life stopped being about how many serves of protein you had to have per day and why carbs were the devil.

And now, Im mostly really lean.

I say mostly because, sometimes, I just like to eat too much or go on holiday and say fuck it and have a beer at 11am. Life was never meant to be “perfect” anyway…

I know too that when I have had my fun, I will just go back to my fun and easy daily habits and it will all come back again in a week or two anyway. It always does.

Zero stress.

No beating myself up for being a little softer in the tum tum for a couple weeks of the year.

And way more fun.

You can have the body you want doing stuff you love – eating, moving and thinking the way you want – but not following the rules.

They were never your rules and when you keep trying to play by them you are always going to end up tired.



Over it.

And you will fail time and time again.

Im not saying there won’t be work – there is ALWAYS work because you must CREATE the rules for yourself. And the habits that go with it.

All I’m saying is that you can do it in a way where you wake up looking forward to what needs to be done… free in your mind that it will work and you will enjoy it.


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