I Had An Epiphany, It Goes A Little Something Like This:
I wrote a post the other day that… let’s just say some people didn’t agree with what I said… some did. I was completely in the moment when I wrote it and it felt great!

I received comments like:

  • It’s time for you to grow up, move over it’s your kids time now.
  • Why do you have to swear, it sounds really bad. It’s cringe worthy.
  • This Made me feel bad…
  • Stop the mum guilt!

It was confronting at first, people wrote negative emails back, unliked my page, unsubscribed from my list…

BUT what came next… An epiphany!

I’m so grateful for these people not liking my shit, what I realised is that:

I am a MUM and I love my daughter more than anything in this world!
I am a professional woman who’s driven, who has fucken huge goals that scare the shit out of me!
I am not content to just live for/through my kids.
I am crass, I swear I say things people think and don’t say out loud. Yes this may shock you but I don’t care.
I want to have it ALL.
I want to travel around the world and see things first hand with my daughter by my side.
I want to be free from chores, the mundane and doing things out of obligation.


Don’t you?

I am a role model for my daughter, for other women and for teenage girls that are creating their values in life.

I want them to create their own happiness, live everyday like it could be their last, chase down exciting dreams and not to be afraid of failure.
I want to teach people that they can BE DO and HAVE anything they want and it is totally unrestricted.
It starts with YOU!

It starts with your body, your mind, your dreams.

You need to get YOU in the right place in order to help your kids. In order to give your time to the more important goals in your life.

You have goals and dreams don’t you?

I’m sure as hell your going to tell your kids to go after their dreams.

So why the fuck aren’t you? You think your kids learn from your words…


They learn from your actions, they watch you day in day out. You are teaching them even when you think you aren’t.

So what are you going to do about it!
Join me!

Become the woman you WANT your daughter to be someday, don’t settle for mediocre, strive to get the things that you want in you life.
Don’t be afraid, You are not alone, I am right here with you every step of the way!

Let’s create a revolution of women FREE from the crap that we put on ourselves FREE from the burden of our own bodies, FREE to do and say whatever the fuck we want!