If your anything like me, you are a people pleaser. Always wanting to make sure you don’t step on anyones toes, you put other peoples wants in front of your own needs, wants and desires.

It’s just a bad habit you never really noticed.

Until NOW!

I’m bringing it out into the open.

I want you to think about all the times you have thought, ‘we better do this, because (insert excuse here)’

When the fact of the matter is, YOU really don’t want to fucking do it!

This action serves you in one way or another, the people pleaser, not wanting to upset the apple cart.

This is totally fine, if you want to keep playing the victim and living in a state of unhappiness!

Is this what you really want?

Is it?

I don’t think so

You have been so conditioned, to put others needs before your own, that it’s a hard one to unlearn.

If you are going to be happy every singe day of your life (and this is your god given right) then START putting yourself first.

Go away on that trip with your kids, instead of ‘having to’ go to your folks house.

Do your own New Years Eve Do instead of ‘having to’ go to so and so’s house.

Have a nap when your kids have a nap, instead of doing the shitty house work.

Eat the cake because you want to


Do whatever the fuck makes you happy!

Take these 3 steps to break the shit habit of fulfilling everyones else’s needs before your own.


  1. Write down 3 things that make you the happiest in your day, DO THEM!
  2. Get clear on what you feel obliged to do. Write them down and cross off the ones that no longer serve you!
  3. Get my FREE Guide To Upgrade Your Life In 2015. Get super clear on what your life is going to look like next year.
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This will help you live your life, like you only have 1 year left to live it!

Hell Yeah!