To the mum that is on her phone at the kids play area…

To the mum that is on her phone at the kids play area…

I know you are doing your best…

I know its hard…

I know that you just need some time to yourself…

I know that you just need to check out for a moment…

I know that you are doing ALL that you can…

I know that you are doing your BEST!

Give yourself this time without the guilt.

You don’t need that guilt monster on your shoulder when you are HONESTLY needing the time out.

You are ENOUGH

You are WORTHY


You are doing the HARDEST job on the planet… Raising Kids and no judgemental “young” kidless child CAN make you feel otherwise!
You see I was the young, kidless, judgemental fucker that thought…

Get off your phone…

Pay attention to your kids…

Youre such a lazy parent…

I won’t allow my kids phones…


I was WRONG!

I know now that children are a FULL time job, that you only get to STEAL these moments, that kids are RELENTLESS, that they are TIRING and that you…

DESERVE this fucking 5 minutes on your phone!

Peace Babe You Got This!

This is the most un-fucking sexy thing you have ever heard not from a man, but it needs to be said!

This is the most un-fucking sexy thing you have ever heard not from a man, but it needs to be said!

Having the body you want is a daily choice – and a daily practice.

Whether you want to drop those first 5kg, the last 5kg, or the 20kg in between – EACH day you choose and you practice whether or not your actions are going to carve out the goddess within.

What you choose is up to you, but make no mistake – you are choosing.

It may feel like you just did what had to be done, like it was something out of your control, but lets be honest here baby –

You’re no victim.

No one is holding you hostage and no one is forcing to you do what you do each day so lets just stop pretending, right now, that ANYTHING else is happening other than you choosing each day.

Cool, now that we got that out of the way, THIS –

The actions that you choose to take each day – we will call it the daily hustle (hustle = getting the essential shit done), determine your success or failure in creating that fuck off, jaw dropping body in the fastest possible time –

Or not.

I see SOOOOO many women making the mistake of worrying about how many carbs to eat or whether its better to jog or ride or lift weights BEFORE they even COMMIT to getting daily whole foods and daily movement done.

Well, that aint gonna work honey.

Growing up I was a national level gymnast and Ryan was a national level swimmer. I could have run away and joined Cirque Du Soleil if I didn’t discover boys ( 😉 ) and Ryan raced household names in the pool like Michael Klim when we were young.

We were fucking good.

Did this happen because we did 6 week efforts followed by dropping off the bandwagon?

Did we get near the top of our sports by doing well on Monday and then dropping off on Wednesday?


We put the DAILY action in place!
But not for not weeks.
Not months…

For YEARS baby!

Luckily getting hot as fuck doesn’t have to take years – not even close.

What it DOES take though is DAILY –

Until it works.

How long will it take? Thats up to you.

But if you asked the ladies who just finished the My Bitches Rules Reality TV Show – I should say the fucking ROCK STARS who just dominated and showed up consistently every day for the past 6 weeks –

The rock stars who lost from 8kg – 19kg in that 6 weeks –

If you asked these ladies what made the difference Im pretty damn sure they would tell you the truth:

They showed up daily.
And did the hustle.

Nothing crazy.
Nothing impossible.
Shit, they didn’t even have to eat anything they didn’t like or give up fruit or carbs or anything like that!

Just daily committed action.

Oh, and I don’t want you to take my word for this! Go check out the My Bitches Rules Facebook group and you can SEE how they showed up each day (you can even vote on the winner TOMORROW!)

There is NO mystery gorgeous! Weight loss is easy and it happens –

You just gotta do the daily hustle.

If you are wanting your own taste of the daily hustle like Im talking about then you better get reeeaaaally freakin’ excited –

Coz we are about to UNLEASH the most exciting daily action plan that exists on the ‘net!

I can’t tell you too many more details right now but if you want to be on of the FIRST to know about it then comment below and I will shout out to you when it drops!

There might even be a little bonus gift for you when it does 😉


Its NOT The BODY That You Want, It’s How You Think It Will Make You Feel!

Its NOT The BODY That You Want, It’s How You Think It Will Make You Feel!

Its NOT The BODY That You Want, It’s How You Think It Will Make You Feel!

This is the number one reason why losing weight doesn’t make you happy.

You have attached your future happiness on losing weight because when you are there you will FEEL happy, you will be happier with yourself and therefor life will be different.


This whole mentality will keep you not only dissatisfied with life but it will also make weightless HARDER!

I am going to give you the most important advice you will see ALL YEAR, right now.

Make yourself happy NOW and the weightless will be easy.

Easier said than done?

Nope, its fucking easy.

Start doing shit that you love, that makes you feel good EVERYDAY.

Stop waiting for this magical point – once you’ve lost the 10kgs to ‘be happy’. I hate to break it to you, you won’t be any happier when you lose the weight unless you start being happier now!

weightless will never make you happier – its the journey int creating who you want to be everyday that brings happiness.

This is why we always say, “don’t do shit you hate, to get a result!”


Because it will keep you unhappy.

And at the end of the day weightless isn’t about a number on a scale, its about how it WILL make you FEEL.

So I challenge you to start FEELING that way now!

Start loving your life, the things that you do, the way you see yourself, how you act and watch the unstoppable woman that you become!

This way you don’t have to wait.

Because if you choose to wait, you will always be WAITING!

It will never happen.

It might seem hard, you might even be swearing at me through your phone right now, calling BS.


All you have to do is start doing more of the things that you love doing, start choosing your emotional state – Do you want to be happy or sad?


You can choose to be unhappy, to mope around, to hold yourself in overwhelm and sadness or you can stand the fuck up, go for a walk, go for a run, go catch up with a friend, dance around the house…


Choose your happiness – now!

Stop waiting for someone to hand it to you on a silver fucking platter or worse keeping putting it on hold until you ‘lose the weight’.

I can promise you that if you do this your weight loss will be EASY!


This photo is so significant to me…

It was me choosing my life, choosing the path that I wanted to walk.

It marks the point 4 years ago when I chose to go after my dream, this dream, the dream of impacting MILLIONS of womens lives!

Has it been easy – yes and no.

When I went ALL in – it was easy.

When I fucking half hearted it – it was hard.

This is your turning point, this is your slap in the face – what do you choose?

Your kids aren’t the most important thing to you, your relationship is!

Your kids aren’t the most important thing to you, your relationship is!

Your kids aren’t the most important thing to you, your relationship is!

The man that is sitting across from you, do you recognise him? Does he recognise you?

What have you spoken about lately?

When was the last time you had great sex?

When was the last time you did something together without the kids?

You see, your relationship, this thing you have got going on with your husband where you have lost your passion for each other, this is the relationship that your kids are going to end up in.

Are you ok with that?

Let’s start at the beginning when you first met, you spent time together, you did shit together, you stayed up late talking to each other, you had great sex, you went on adventures together….

And now…

Well, you are just ships in the night who take turns in caring for the children.

Your relationship….

What relationship?

You don’t even have one anymore, the things you fell in love with, those quirky qualities that you loved about your husband..
They ANNOY the absolute shit out of you now…

The great sex you used to have… Now it is a chore that you tick off your ‘have to do’ list.

The late night convos you used to love, have turned into talking about the kids and the bills.

Boring as fuck. Not connection, passion or excitement!

You do know that the divorce rate is super high right? Look at your husband and ask yourself, do you want to be another statistic?
You have over a 50% chance that you will end up divorced and a higher chance that you will end up sleeping in separate beds for the rest of your life!

Soooo gorgeous what do you choose?

Because at the end of the day, this LOVE thing, is a choice. The passion and excitement is a choice.

You just haven’t been choosing it, or worse you have been waiting for him to create it!

Like its not your fault… wrong!

It has always blown me away that people don’t have relationship goals??

Mind blown!

We set body goals, financial goals, holiday goals, yet…

Two people can come together, not work on their relationship, not be working towards something greater together and have a happy lasting relationship…

Nope can’t happen!

Well this is why I feel so many relationship fail.

Not to mention throwing a few small humans in there that take up a lot of your time, energy and sleep, total recipe for disaster!
This is why your relationship with your husband NEEDS to be PRIORITISED before your kids!

What are your thoughts on this?

I was going to write more, buuuttt I want to hear from you! What do you think?

You’ve been sold the lie that relationships are supposed to be hard.

You’ve been sold the lie that relationships are supposed to be hard.

It’s NOT about fighting about who has to put the dishes away. It’s NOT about screaming and crying because you’ve had a hard day and came home to the laundry not being done even though you asked them 5 times to do it. It’s NOT about your partner waiting until you get into the shower to decide they need to take a shit. It’s NOT fighting over financial problems.


What message are we sending our kids! That they should settling for someone that doesn’t treat them right, that doesn’t take care of themselves, that yells and screams to get their point across?


How did we get to this point?

Now this rant comes from a post that has been floating around about how relationships are about all the shit things in life but your lucky because you still ‘love’ the other person!



You are making excuses for the shitty relationship that you have gotten yourself into because you thought you couldn’t do any better. Or that you were possibly taught by your parents, that it is ‘normal’ to be in a relationship that is built on fighting, stress, blaming, shouting and expecting the other person to stop living at their full potential!

And people call this love! 💔

The world is fucked!

What are relationships supposed to be like?