Who do you blame for the way your body is right now?

Your kids?
Your hubby?
Your parents?
Your work?
Your money situation?
Your time?
The government?
Someone else?

I have spent the last 9 months holding onto blame towards someone else, churning it over and over inside me, ignoring it until it bubbles up inside me and leaves me with hot anger and frustration!

Last year we spent $20,000 with a business coach that said the right words to get us to buy, so we bought.

And we didn’t make half that back using their system for 12 months…

For the last 9 months, any time our biz came up in conversation I have mentioned it as an excuse for why we arent even further ahead right now than we are. You know that tone of voice that comes out when you are justifying your results – or lack of? Yeah, that voice.

So this person comes up for me every few weeks or so and I indulge myself in a little self pity and anger towards them. I think about how that $20k could have been spent and also feel feelings of being scammed or tricked.

I feel stupid, gullible, naive, and like I wasted a year of life.

This morning it came up again while journaling and I really dug into it, more than I have in the past – or should i say with less defences than I have in the past.

I knew I had to, since, any time you have a recurring thought about something you MUST dig into it or action it in some way. This is your soul pointing you at growth when this happens and to ignore it is to create a LITERAL energetic block inside you that will fuck with all goals you are trying to achieve – body, financial or otherwise.

I realised that I had been blaming this person for mediocre results instead of pointing the finger in the right direction –

At me.

Whether the biz coaching program they sold worked for others or not, I couldn’t say. BUT –

I chose their company.
I did or didn’t do the work each day.
I made excuses on the days that I didn’t feel like it.
I doubted myself when it came to putting myself out there.
I didnt 100% back myself and create a rock solid self belief.

me Me ME!

It was my fault.
It was my responsibility.

I wanted to be saved.
I wanted someone else to fix my problems.
I wanted to buy a result rather than do the inner work – as well as the work work – to make it happen.

So, I release needing to blame any more.

I forgive myself for making the decisions I made.

I allow myself to not be perfect and to make mistakes.

Im proud that we have learnt from the experience and how it has taken us to a place in this biz where we LOVE the way that we do work.

I am proud that we no longer look for quick fixes and ways to avoid doing the work needed, and instead have built an inner strength and rock solid self belief.

So… lets talk about you…

Who are you blaming for how your body looks and feels?
Are you looking to be saved?
Are you looking for the quick fix that takes minimal effort?
Are you justifying to your friends why you arent right now in the best fucking shape of your life?

Coz if you are –

Its time to stop.
Its time to take 100% responsibility for your results or lack therefore.
Its time to step the fuck up and do what might just be the hardest thing to do in life –

And point the finger at yourself.

And then to smile and forgive yourself.

ALL your results are on the side of this.

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