The mirror was my enemy.

I would walk by it at an ultra fast pace. I didn’t want to catch a glimpse of my newly acquired saggy body. This has been going on for weeks, months really to be honest. When no one else was around I would stand there and just observe what was looking back at me.

I looked tired, haggard even. I had bags under my eyes with the dark circles to accompany them, my hair was always a mess, I rarely dressed in anything other than trackie pants and a jumper… zip up so I could breast feed… What has happened?

Did I even have the energy to face this?

The answer was simple for quiet some time… NO.

So I let it ride and I avoided the mirror like the plague…

There came a time when, I was ready to deal with what I was seeing – skinny pockets where there were once hard calves, my newly acquired hail damage, on my once muscular thighs, flat stomach was now a soft saggy stretch piece of fat (think water bed), boobs were great … when filled with milk! I didn’t dare to turn around to see what my butt but was doing… It had migrated south!

I had become accustomed to seeing my new body.

I was slowly accepting what it looked like, what it had been through and what it had given life too (amazing piece of machinery this body)!

This is where I am at right now!

This was the first step for me in realising, that my body had changed. I decided to journal about how I was feeling and what I was seeing. It’s actually quiet funny when you write things down, you totally realise how silly sound!

I also spoke to close girlfriends who were going through the same thing. I got comfort from the fact that I could share my story. And that I wasn’t along!

Slowly I accepted where I was. I knew that I wanted to do something about it.

There were no excuses (with my background) for me to not gain back my pre-baby body or the body that I desired!

So I set my self some body goals. I started with 3 and 6 month goals. I also made commitments like the Tough Mudder at the end of October so I have no choice but to commit 100%. Eeek

Sometimes you have to cut the crap talking to yourself and commit to being a better person, firstly for yourself and then your family.

So what I’m saying to you is, set yourself some goals and be brave.

  • Set goals that you really, really want to achieve. Like get my pre-baby body back… or better even, because you deserve it!
  • Ask yourself why you really, really want these goals? Most importantly give yourself permission to have what you want!
  • Write all of this down in a journal.
  • Tell someone or your whole Facebook (either works) this will keep you accountable.

This is one of my secrets to success accountability!

Taking control of your life starts here, starts now… I dare you to allow yourself the BEST version of YOU!