Warning: risk of being extremely triggered upon reading this.

Im about to hold the mirror up gorgeous. You will see what you need to see, though that doesnt mean you will necessarily want to see it. It doesnt mean it will be comfortable or like a warm embrace. If youre my kind of woman though – the kind that not only wants MORE from life, but knows that she was BORN for more (“more” being whatever the fuck you know it to be) –

Then this will be exactly what you need.

Which brings me to –

WHEN gorgeous?

When are you going to finally lift yourself up and stop accepting this comfortable, nice, safe but not entirely ecstatic life that you have created?

The life that you have accepted…tolerated … allowed to be true for far too long now… Rather than the life that you see inside yourself, the one where it works EXACTLY how you envision it… where you know what you desire is available because youre smart enough, accomplished enough, strong enough, GOOD enough to fucking create it – and damn WORTH the doing of it!

OH only IF –

IF you weren’t so fucking committed to staying safe… to not rocking the boat… to not turning the fucking apple cart on its arse, spilling the apples everywhere and doing it with a “so fucking what, what you gonna do about it” smile on your face.

IF you weren’t so committed to wanting — nay, NEEDING – permission from all and sundry to simply ASK for and BE yourself. Not this watered down pale version of yourself that you peddle like cheap watches on a Bali street stall – the REAL you and all the thoughts, dreams and desires that go with her.

IF you weren’t so hungry for the certainty and consistency of what we both know is MEDIOCRE for the version of you that you are truly capable of creating and being.

The YOU that expects to be loved and to give love like she visions in her mind. Who is raw and honest about what her emotional and sexual and connection needs are – no matter how scary or challenging they might be… No matter how much you question whether or not that is really “you” or whether that “you” will be too much or too different for whoever receives it.

The YOU that doesnt use store-bought excuses like “such is life” or “this is just how it is” or “if things were better / different” or any of the other time, money or support related excuses that are bandied around like a real life “get out of jail free card” from Monopoly. The you that takes action even when everything seems fucked or like its moving along at a snails pace and it may take a million years to get there. ESPECIALLY when it seems like this!

The YOU that simply does whats needed to look and feel HOT, not because of what others think or because there is some risk of photos being taken on an upcoming warm weather holiday – but because you DESERVE to look hot as fuck like its your birthright (which it is), whatever that means to you, and to embody the energy of hot as fuck as well. And if youre honest, you know that this means you will finally have to stand up for your value and worth in the world and put yourself fucking FIRST for more than a day or a week and possibly even months or years to make it happen.

The YOU that knows her legacy goes beyond just the food the she puts on the table and the roof she places overhead… Because the truth is that while you know you will leave your children financial stability and opportunity, your real legacy is SHOWING your kids that living life unapologetically and from the their TRUTH is what matters most… that toeing the line just to have a “nice life” is the EPITOME of playing it small and that they should live their most outrageous life possible.

Hey I get it though, its gonna take some work to get there.

Boats will be rocked…

Said apple carts upset…

Feelings may be hurt…

Friends may be left behind because they no longer represent you…

You may have to risk looking like a “bad mum” because your house is never clean…

You may end up being that tall poppy in a world of boring flowers that all think the poppy somehow stole their sunshine and is the reason they are dull and grey.

But whats the alternative?

Living comfortable life with all the “stuff” – in a neutral shade of grey. Or to put it another way –

Dying with your song still unsung inside of you.

If this doesnt resonate or if you have no idea what Im talking about, then this Stacey and Ryan show probably just isn’t for you.

We honestly dont believe weight loss is sustainable if youre focussing on just food and exercise – its just not fucking worth it. Why be in shape if your life isn’t worth it?

You cant… you wont.

We dont have an overweight epidemic because people dont know what to do.

It exists because life is being lived in shades of grey.

It exists because its easier to reach for cookies or cake or biscuit or to drink the weekends away to numb yourself to the truth –

Than it is to take the action you know you need to, to create the life you deserve.

And if you find yourself triggered, frustrated or angry at how judgemental this is and how we dont know your situation and all that you’ve been through, then just remember that precisely BECAUSE we dont know you, that this is just a mirror. And the fact that youre triggered actually means you KNOW that you have more that you can unleash into the world… and that you know youre not yet doing it.

And remember –

You are unstoppable.


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