Are you afraid of carbs? Or at least completely fucking mystified as to how much, when and what type of carbs to have?

Don’t worry, you arent alone and I want to help you.

So many women treat carbs like bad relationships –

At first they say they’re going to stay away.

And its good at first.

Then they start remembering how much fun and how enjoyable their ex (the carbs) was.

All the times you hung out.

All the tender moments you had.

All the warm embraces!

And next minute youre back together, getting all hot and sticky again and the moment its done and the orgasm bubble bursts you’re left with that feeling of self loathing and disgust!

Haha… Or something a bit like that, right?

In all seriousness though, the reason that you feel like when you eat 1 potato it goes straight to your thighs – and your friend eats a bag of chips with her bottle of wine and always stays in shape (everyone has a friend like that!) –

Is that YOUR body just don’t know how to send the carbs to the right place.

When you eat the wrong foods for your body for a long time – and it is truly individual, carbs arent “bad” – your body gets confused as to what its supposed to do and where the food is supposed to go.

So if Im describing you, what should you do about it?

Well if you’ve followed us for more than 5 minutes you know by now that getting your water intake right is numero uno when it comes to weight loss. You could eat the best food in the world and if your water isn’t on point, well, you’re fucked.

But beyond that, we also use some other little tactics to really go about reprogramming your body to do the right thing!

The first is to use some type of fasting. It could be short term, long term or intermittent – it really depends on where your body is at right now. Get your fasting right and your body will get SUPER smart on what to do with your carbs.

The second thing to do is to eat more raw food. Most women I find eat waaaay to much cooked food – so eat more fruit, veg, nuts, seeds in the amonunts your body is telling you to.

Another awesome thing to do is to use some focussed training to “reawaken” your muscles and get them to tell your tummy where to send that energy. Short bursts of intense training can really tell your blood sugar who’s boss.

Lastly, and probably most importantly – really up level your mindset so that when you do commit carbicide (carb suicide!) – you’re so strong and on point mentally that you don’t jack your guilt and stress levels, ruin your gut and send all those carbs to your ass!

What other questions do you have around those delicious carby things? Let me know so we can answer them for you!


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