Lets talk about that for a moment, shall we?

If you regularly deal with the frustration of having to put on jeans that fit in the waist but have the legs feeling tight and squishy then you are really going to want to read this.

You may mistakenly believe (mostly because the media says so) that to lose fat off your legs specifically then you need to do more leg exercises –

This is a load of bullshit.

While spot reduction is actually possible, its not possible by exercise. And if you have heavier legs and the skin is dimpled then you arent going to solve that by just training harder.

Here are a few things you can do to target those stubborn legs.

1. Make sure your gut is working properly.
If you don’t poop every day or if you experience gas, bloating, farts or you feel like your body doesn’t want food even though you haven’t eaten for a while –

You arent going to shift those legs.

One of the main causes of dimpling in legs is a build up of toxins that the body can’t remove. This is why often you can lose the weight but see hardly any difference in your legs.

Until you sort your gut out, the toxins can’t be removed.

In this case the first step would be to do our Ultimate 21 Day Cleanse to turn your body into a fat burning machine, as well as give it the ability to remove the build up.

2. Eat more broccoli.
Ok so not the most exciting thing Ive ever said!

Cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauli, brussels sprouts, cabbage etc) are high in nutrients that help to remove certain types of toxins – IF (and its a big IF obviously) – IF your gut is working properly.

Eating a daily or twice daily serving of cruciferous veggies can really help to shift the leg build up and maintain that gut health.

3. Make sure you are properly hydrated.
Me: How was your diet today?
Client: Food and exercise were great!
Me: Awesome! How much water did you drink?
Client: ….um… maybe a litre or so.

Im always amazed at how many smart women ask me about fine tuning their diet while being dehydrated.

If you’re dehydrated you’re NOT going to lose all the weight.

You will crave more.

You will eat more.

You will be more tired.

You will constantly wonder why the hell the weight won’t shift.

To work out how much, take your bodyweight in kg and divide by 22. The number you get is how many litres per day (up to a maximum of 4L).

4. Do more resistance training with short rest periods.
We absolutely 100% believe you should do whatever makes you feel good – exercise included. But when it comes to leaning up your lower body, you really want to be doing resistance exercise based circuits with short rest periods.

How short? About 30 seconds.

On top of the short rest periods, the other thing to focus on is actually making the workout a challenge!

What do I mean by this? Well, if you can do more than 15 reps of something – get a bigger weight! Or choose a harder exercise.

5. Eat less processed food.
Want the fastest path to a lean body?

Eat less processed foods.

Skip a day.

Then skip two days.

Then try a whole week.

Don’t hit me up for any of my magic bullets unless you are willing to ditch the processed crap!

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