Have you ever stopped and thought that carrying extra weight is actually what you WANT?

Like for some reason that you cant put your finger on, making the choice to not be shit hot is actually PREFERABLE for you?

I am fucking terrible at paying bills, opening mail, staying on top of paperwork and just generally doing “adult stuff.”

I know I “should” do it, but it’s almost like my brain blocks it out and I cant even see it.

I frequently ignore my phone bill until the service gets cut off… the money is in my account, I just dont take the 22 seconds to login and pay.

We only just made the cutoff to enrol Charlize in school by 4 days… and thats only because one of our friends told us that it was about to close.

My car rego is never paid on time… I just stick the envelope to the fridge with a magnet and then ignore it for weeks after.

Now these are all stupid things to do, childish and immature. They cost me money in fines or sometimes by simply missing out on getting things i want.

So why do I do it?

When I was a teenager I was put into a position where I had to grow up and be responsible FAST. My parents split and then a few years later my mum died.

I was thrust into a position where I was looking after my brother and sister and forced to play adult waaaaay too young…

My mum was an amazing woman, worked hard her entire life, did the right things, was responsible and caring and thoughtful and compassionate –

And died at 43.

My inner story is:

Why fucking bother being responsible, when it counts for nothing anyway? And this lets me play the child and feel free and not worry.

So who does carrying extra weight all you to be?

Were you loved and rewarded through food as a kid?

Does carrying weight allow you to hide from your talents and abilities and not step into the public eye?

Does it mean you can avoid intimacy?

No matter what, there is ALWAYS a story that goes with having extra kilos… And the women that lose it forever are willing to dig in and bring those stories to the surface.

Because I can promise you right now –

You dont love food too much…

Youre not lazy…

Youre not too busy…

Youre not anything other than the person that your story allows you to be.

So what’s the story?