Without the number 1 reason that mothers – women in general actually – dont get results IS –

They dont put themselves first.

I know that feeling of having a million things to do and only a handful of hours in which to do them… I know what its like to feel like you need to be all things to all people –

Your kids…

Your boss…

Your hubby…

Your friends…

EVERYONE wants a piece of you.

Well, thats good, its means you’re a worthwhile human being and have good shit to offer!

The problem is that all too often it comes from a place where you think that YOUR needs aren’t as important as the needs of others.

How many times have you hustled to get a project at work delivered, or even just to drop kid #1 at swimming and kid #2 at ballet and then quickly get some shopping done and all the while –

Not eating because you had to rush out the house, even though you fed the kids well…

Not doing your exercise because after said work or said sports drop offs, you “have no time”…

Not buying yourself something because you dont “need” it and because you could spend that money on something for the kids…

I used to live like this all the time, so I know how big a trap it is. You see, you tell yourself that its “what you have to do”, but secretly… inside…

You feel trapped and eventually end up resenting the very people you are trying so hard to love and please.

Have you ever found yourself angry or short tempered with your kids or hubby and after you have had a melt down and 5 minutes to yourself you realise that it wasn’t their fault?

Well skip the melt down and just take time for yourself first!

If you aren’t ready to do this for yourself, remember THIS –

Your kids become you.

They will ABSORB your behaviours, whether you like it or not…

Would you happily watch them work, work, work… give, give, give… without giving to themselves?


I didn’t think so…

Putting yourself first – REGULARLY – is actually the deepest form of giving to those around you… Because “your cup runneth over” and fills the cups of your kids and your hubby and your friends more easily.

And if you dont fill your own cup – DANGER! Because you are going to want someone else to fill it for you… And no one likes neediness!

Oh, and one more thing –

Sure you could start small, go have a coffee alone or whatever… but in my experience, there is usually something going on inside you that wants out…

A voice that is speaking to you and telling you to…. hmmm… travel?

Buy clothes?

Take a tantra course?

Go away just you and hubby?

Run a marathon?

I dont know what it is for you, but you do… if youre willing to hear it.

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5 ESSENTIAL steps to losing ALL the weight that you probably haven’t workout out yet!

5 ESSENTIAL steps to losing ALL the weight that you probably haven’t workout out yet!

I just power journaled around where many women go wrong when it comes to lasting weight loss. I use the word LASTING because there are lots of ways to lose a few kilos – but most of whats out there in the mainstream just doesn’t make it last.

And we only care about the weight loss habits that last.


So here are 5 absolutely non-negotiable steps you MUST sort out if you want your weight to come off – and stay off – for good.

1. Re-sensitise your body to carbs.
We almost never talk about carbs these days, because the fitness world has fucked up so many women’s brains as to whether or not they should eat carbs – this may even affect you?

But in truth, if you have been eating too many processed foods, too many treats and more carby stuff than your body needs –

It gets terrible at knowing what to do with them. Specifically, your body loses the ability to send your carbs to the right place. Your carbs should be going to your muscles, not your fat.

There are many different ways to do this including fasting, eating a high amount of raw food and eating the right balance of foods for YOUR body at each meal.

2. Sort your digestion.
I will be saying this until those cows come home: if your digestion isn’t on point then you will N E V E R have a flat stomach.


And your weight loss journey will be way more slow and tedious. if you get regular gas, bloating, tenderness low on your stomach or don’t poop EVERY day –

You’re screwed. Sorry not sorry, but its the truth. Your body doesn’t give a fuck about weight loss if your bowels are backed up, inflamed and not running like clockwork.

3. Work out your food intolerances.
Do you feel like you eat better than most women but still can’t lock in your weight loss?

Its probably a food intolerance.

More than 50% of women in my experience are intolerant to at least one thing they are eating. Even small amounts of foods youre intolerant to will cause serious inflammation and stress in the body – which means more fat around your belly button.

4. Understand your emotional eating.
Ok so you know that you emotionally eat, but do you know why? Have you dug into it? Coz I promise you that 8pm snack you just ate wasn’t because your body needed it!

You need to know your triggers to be able to either work through them – OR – accept them and find another area that you can work on to keep your weight loss going.

Yep you heard right – you don’t need to get rid of your emotional eating! Sometimes its completely, 1000% necessary to keep you sane and able to deal with life.

5. Decide that your ideal body is a done deal, non-negotiable, absolute must.
You haven’t failed to lose the weight because your body doesn’t work or because your genes are fucked.

You just simply haven’t kept going until it worked.

So you have tried one, two, three, four, MORE diet and exercise programs –

So what?

Keep going.

It takes a certain type of mindset to create an amazing body, a body that turns heads, a body that looks like it belongs on a twenty something with no kids 🙂

You have to destroy guilt, doubt, self criticism, negative self talk, lack of belief, perfctionism and ALLLL the other mental games that come up each day and take you off plan.

You just won’t make it last without this because – life’s not perfect.

You will have relationship troubles, money troubles, stress, kids who refuse to take showers for an hour despite the fact that you need to leave the house NOW and a bunch of other things that will ALWAYS be a part of your life.

You can’t avoid these – but you can be above them.

Higher than them.

Stronger than them.

If you want our help with any of these gorgeous, then you absolutely want to be part about our Strong Mum program.

Its 5 weeks to sort your carb tolerance, digestion, emotional eating and to create a rock-fucking-solid, unshakeable mindset so you can eat stress, time and kid problems for breakfast.

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When the going gets tough – GIVE UP!

When the going gets tough – GIVE UP!

Yep. I want you to give up.

When you hit the hard point, I don’t want you to push through for a moment longer.

I don’t want you to bite down, steel your jaw and work even harder.

I want you to simply throw your hands in the air, scream fuck it, and surrender to failure.

Of course Im not talking about giving up on your goal – you DESERVE 100% without doubt to have a body that you love, that looks and feels amazing and has you skipping freely down the street…

Im talking about giving up the struggle.

Giving up putting in effort.

Giving up forcing yourself to do things you hate, simply to (hopefully) look better some time down the future.

When I was growing up we were told that you needed to work hard, to put the effort in, to never quit. And I took it to heart too, I pushed myself through years of pain and sacrifice, searching for success in any way possible, including selling my soul.

I remember selling houses 7 days a week, 10+ hours a day, because I wanted to be successful and make good money – even though it took away from my family, my health and literally drained the life force out of me.

I drank every weekend just to feel free and alive and in the moment, so I would forget that tomorrow morning it was back to work. I ate sugar and coffee compulsively just to feel good for a while.

I had no patience, no fun in my eyes and looked burnt out all the time.

But, I wasn’t going to give in was I? Im no wimp, Ill keep pushing through because it takes pain and sacrifice and following a plan to get a result, doesn’t it?

That was, until one day, I looked in the mirror and saw the truth…

That grinding through WASNT the answer.

The following someone else’s plan wasn’t right for me.

The being good, following the rules and working hard for everyone else actually took AWAY from those you loved, because it meant not being PRESENT when you were with them.

So, eventually, I gave up.

And something amazing happened…

The more I began to follow what I felt was right for me INSIDE, the more success came easy.

It was slow at first, though that was only because I had so much resistance to trusting myself. To trusting what that little voice inside me was saying.

It was just a whisper at first, a tiny squeak, because Id been ignoring it for so long.

But slowly, the more I trusted it and the more I acted on it, the louder the voice became. And the louder it came, the more I trusted and the more easily the RESULTS came.

Today I have a business that I love, that allows me to be home with my family when i want to be, where i only sell what I truly believe will bring a result and that really sets my on fire to create.

YOUR weight loss journey is just like this.

You have been forcing yourself for too long to do shit you don’t like, just to get a result.

You have been following someone else’s plan for too long, just to get a result –

And because you don’t trust yourself.

It may feel like its working at times, you lose a few kilos, you get a bit fitter, but eventually –

It doesn’t work.

It gets too hard or you get bored or you basically realise it just fucking sux – and you jump like a wild woman off the bandwagon and into a binge-fest of sugar, chocolate, chips, alcohol or some other feel good food that lasts 5 minutes before the feelings of guilt and self defeat take over…

So, I want you to quit.

Quit, and surrender to yourself, your true inner voice and the wisdom that your body has.

Quit, and begin to trust that you – yes little ole’ YOU – has the ability to know, intuitively, what you need to do to lose weight for good, instead of following the latest fitness guru’s 7 step plan.

Quit, and come join us on easy street, where the answers to “what should I eat” and “how big a portion should I have” and AAAALLLLLL those other food, exercise and health related questions –

Just come up each day, from inside, without effort.

It was meant to be easy!


Easy street starts and getting back in touch with that inner guidance – the one that knows portion size and what to eat and how to exercise – BEGINS with hitting the reset switch on your body.

And the reset switch – you hit that with our Ultimate 21 Day Cleanse.

If you’re feeling the struggle right now – its coz your insides need to be cleansed out so that you can HEAR that inner voice talking to you!

Once your body is really cleared out – and you drop 5kg to 11kg in 21 days – you will suddenly discover that you ALWAYS knew what you needed to eat, and how much.

And suddenly, in an instant, the struggle will disappear.

Don’t get me wrong – this is NOT a quick fix. Just coz it gets easier doesn’t mean you will always LISTEN! But its definitely the start of the journey for you.

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Why Fasting Might Be The Weight Loss Solution For You!

Why Fasting Might Be The Weight Loss Solution For You!

Earlier this year I did a 7 day juice fast.

Yep you heard me right – 7 days.

I didn’t do it because I needed to lose weight, but because I had heard of the healing properties that it has. And the results were pretty amazing I have to say.

I actually did lose a little bit of weight, maybe a kilo or so, but thats actually quite a bit considering I was pretty lean already!

But the amazing thing for me was – MY SKIN! Oh how my skin loved it! Seriously, I had people commenting left, right and centre at how amazing and healthy my skin was.

It was practically glowing!

And it makes total sense right considering how many toxins come out of your body during a fast of that length.

Less toxins = better health.

There is lots of sciencey stuff coming out now too that shows fasting has a host of awesome benefits for you body including weight loss, heart health, longevity, detoxification, energy and improved mood (the list is actually too long to write).

I know though, the idea of doing a 7 day fast probably seems pretty daunting to you.

So you don’t have to do a big long 7 day thing, you can actually get a LOT of the benefits by simply fasting for a period each day.

Some nerd gave it a fancy name called Intermittent Fasting since he was probably trying to own it or something (I’m assuming it was a he) … but in reality, you do a fast every day anyway – while you sleep!

But pushing the window that you don’t eat out to a longer period can be really useful. In fact, according to this Ph.D guy that I follow, he says that intermittent fasting can even help reduce the risk of cancer (winning!), reduce blood pressure, increase fat burning and even improve your control over hunger.

Pretty. Damn. Cool!

I found some other awesome things about it too.

First was that I found it easy to drink HEAPS of water, which is something that I normally struggle with. So of course I felt waaaaay more energetic as a result.

I also found that I didn’t think about food as much (after a while anyway) which was really cool since normally 15 mins after my meals Im already planning the next one!! Haha. Seriously though, it is really cool to not have to think about what you are going to eat all the time.

Not having food in me all the time also seemed to allow my tummy to relax and settle. I felt like my digestion got easier and that it sort of “healed” a bit from all the years of stuffing things in there!

Maybe you know what Im talking about?

Anyway, it wasn’t all easy of course. Getting used to not eating in the morning takes a bit of adjustment time – it really helps to have people doing it with you (Ryan was on board of course!). But once you get past the initial phase, its definitely worth it.

If you are wondering about how long to fast for, there are 3 main windows –

12 hour fast, 12 hour eat

14 hour fast, 14 hour eat

16 hour fast, 8 hour eat

Which one you use depends on how long you want to stay committed and how much weight you are looking to lose.

Its definitely worth a try.



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Stacey Barnes Exposed! (I got HACKED)

Stacey Barnes Exposed! (I got HACKED)

My damn husband hacked my facebook yesterday and revealed some stuff about me yesterday!!! Grrrrrr!

But … I decided that you can watch the video anyway. Check it out below!



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