We have a community of over 10,000 women, all committed to growth, acceptance, smashing their goals and loving the daily hustle. Every woman we work with may have different goals, but all are on the path of expansion and liberation – financially, sexually, physically, mentally and emotionally.

I write this in my journal today not because its true YET, but because I know the we will make it true. It is a done deal and more a matter of WHEN not IF.

We don’t set goals for ourselves that are “oh, it would be nice if…”

They are fucking fantasies.

We set goals that are non-fucking-negotiable that we ruthlessly make true.

There is no other way.

There is a revolution happening right now, in case you didn’t know.

A revolution – being lead by women like you and I – who are refusing any longer to accept mediocre into their lives.

Women who want to be in more than ok shape physically.

Women who want more than just ok or good sex (and definitely more than bad sex!)

Women who want more than just to pay the bills, but who want to share their passions and also get paid for them.

Women who want marriage to mean more than an agreement to live in the same house and raise kids together and want to create ever increasing connection and depth.

If this is news to you, trust me – its HAPPENING!

Every day women in our community have AH-FUCKING-HA moments not just with their body, but also in their relationships and in their understanding of why the actual fuck they are here on this amazing planet, and what their offering is.

And since we get to choose who comes into our community, we CHOOSE the women that want to live like that.

We choose the hustlers and the dreamers…

The women that shun the TV and instead do inner work on themselves…

The women that are doing their WLL, WANT, WONT lists instead of scrolling social (google it if you don’t know what Im talking about)…

The women who choose to live the life NOW that they dream of for their kids –

We choose you.

And we thank you, for being part of it, and allowing us to live our dream by helping you create yours.

Don’t allow the distractions today to take away from the life you are born to live gorgeous. Be RUTHLESS with creating what you know you can, what you deserve.

Be part of the revolution!


Are you a fucking revolutionary who is committed to growth and liberation but know that your body is the weak link in the chain?

I want you in our 10,000 gorgeous and it all starts with getting smoking hot and feeling abundant with energy and strength.

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