Congratulations on purchasing your Bikini Body Guide!

Thanks for purchasing your copy of the Mums Bikini Body Guide! You have made the decision to take control of your body and own it this summer.

The download instructions are below, but first, here are a couple of things before you get started:

  • The guide is a monster! There are 84 pages to read, understand and integrate into your life. Dont be overwhelmed, check out How To Use The Guide to get into it as fast as possible.
  • Start as soon as possible, I am big on STARTING more than perfecting. Dont wait until the perfect time, just start today.
  • The Guide is in pdf format, which means you can view on your phone, tablet or laptop. You will need the adobe viewer which can be downloaded here (most devices have it these days).

To Download The Guide:

  1. Click this link to download the Mums Bikini Body Guide.
  2. The Guide will open in your browser and can be viewed there.
  3. To save a copy to your device, locate the down arrow at the top and click then save.
  4. The Guide will download and is always available on your device.

Thanks for putting your trust in me and letting me guide you through this process. Any problems or queries, please contact me at

Stacey xxx