This is going to be your year.

The year that you get up, commit, get good advice, make a plan and finally just lose weight and get your shit in shape!

Oh wait, it’s March isn’t it, you’ve already forgotten whatever vanilla goals you set in January.

The goal to fit into a bikini.

The goal to be able to wear that shit hot sexy pair of jeans.

Bigger than that. The goal to do an adventure race, learn Spanish or to trek through Nepal with a couple of sherpas and your husband (husband optional!)

Have you done it?

Are the tickets booked?

Have you bought that size 6 or 8 or 10 bikini because you just KNOW that you are going to wear that hot little overpriced head turner? Well?

Or are you waiting?

Waiting for the time to be right?

For when things are just a little bit quieter at home. Maybe when the kids are in school and you have some more time to yourself. For when you have just a little more savings and can do it ‘right’.

Or are you waiting because, deep down, I mean waaay down DEEP, you just think that you aren’t strong enough to make the commitment?

I mean, its been so hard before right? I tried and it didnt work out how I wanted…

And right there – you have accepted that it’s ok to be soft and squidgy and get out of breath when you have to carry a pram up some stairs. You have accepted that it’s ok to not wear whatever you fucking want just because you think its hot. You have accepted that it’s ok to wait until your kids finish high school before you start realising your full potential as a women and as a mother and as a wife / partner / significant other.

But here’s the really scary thing. The thing that came to bother me so much I almost lost my shit and is the reason I ended up creating this website.

This stuff you accept – the situation of your life as it is right now – being heavy, carrying extra water or body fat, not looking and feeling as you KNOW you should, that you are ENTITLED to look and feel, well it’s not just your body you are missing out on.

How much of your life are you missing? How many things do you not attempt, not commit to and not dare to do because you cant even get yourself in shape?

Women around the world waste thousands upon thousands of hours worrying, wondering and stressing about getting their ideal body.

What could you do with all that time back? What could you accomplish if you tore that barrier, that limitation to the ground and crossed it never to look back?

What dreams could be had if you just crushed that belief that it was your body holding you back?

Because you know what Honey? Its really, fucking, simple.

Being a 6 or an 8 or a 10 or whatever size you think you should be, it aint that hard.

All it takes is the decision.

Look around you at what you have accepted for yourself – it may not even be that bad – but is it what you burn for?

Has it got you so fired up that you just cant wait to get up the next morning to take the next step, not towards a trickle of progress but a rushing torrent of achievement?

Or are you still waiting?


Its ok anyway, I mean, normally things get easier as the years go on. And you are making some improvement along the way. Small change requires very little. Just a little venture here. Nothing too scary. No great risk or reward.

But MASSIVE change requires a leap of faith.

Massive change requires reaching deep into your heart and drawing the strength to commit 100% to your goal.

Commitment to that person you KNOW you can be.

Massive change requires a decision.

Decision literally means “to cut away” and this is what needs to be done. You must cut away the things you accept about your body, about what you put in your mouth, about how often you exercise and leave yourself with just the unwavering commitment to be your best self.

Or maybe you dont think that it will be worth going through the pain of change.

Maybe you’re just not one of those people that needs to live life on your terms, being comfy is not that bad.


I mean, i’m sure there are a million gravestones out there with “Here lies Mary, her life was so comfy…She accepted where she was with ease” written on them.

Fuck comfy.

Fuck the status quo.

Fuck what the people around you are willing to accept. And fuck not being the outrageous, strong, beautiful, “I’m doing it my way” woman that is inside of you.

You have ONE life.

One go at this thing and even though living to 100 may seem like a long time away I promise that when you are there you will wish for a 100 more years. And I bet ANYTHING that you won’t look back and wish for more comfy.

Your time is now.

Go get it.

Stacey xxx