First up, this –

Whatever you see inside of yourself – in your minds eye if you will – you can create for REAL in your life.

Actually, it isnt even right to say that you “can create” what’s in your minds eye, when in reality I should be saying you are being GUIDED to create that.

Dreams arent just tantalising visions that you have to tease you and make you jealous of what could be –

They are downloads that the universe is sending you for what you can, are being guided to and SHOULD create in your life.

Why else would you have them?

I feel that the greatest sin in life is to be realistic. Ok, so its probably not THE worst sin, but no other word keeps you playing small in a life that is beneath what you are capable of experiencing.

So I wanted to share my formula for waking up one day and suddenly having the life you’ve always wanted materialise around you –

Dream it.
Decide it.
Believe it.
Do it.

The first step is to STOP stone fucking cold when you have a vision of what you want and write it down or voice record it or draw a fucking picture – anything to make sure you save it.

Visions and dreams can be fleeting and if you dont get it on paper then they vanish like leftover birthday cake.

Next, decide that you are going to create it. Im not talking about saying “oh, wouldn’t it be nice if…” –

Im talking about deciding that you will keep going until your dream materialises in your life.

Straight up – most people in our world these days just arent going all in on their lives. They are getting by, toeing the line, tolerating how things area and just accepting normal…

But that’s not how its going to be for you is it? You are here to experience something so much more, something special, something that only you can create.

So whatever that big dream is, DECIDE that you are making it non negotiable and –


Believe that you have what it takes to make your dream come true. Nothing happens without belief and trust me, if your goal is truly worthy of you then you are going to require some serious self belief because every journey worth taking is going to have some roadblocks.

Why do most women never achieve the body that they truly want?


They simply dont believe that they can get there. They dont believe they have the genetics or guts or the and so at the first bump in the road –

They stop…
They quit…
They feed their self sabotaging story…
And they tolerate mediocre for the rest of their days.

And if you are having trouble with belief, let me tell you something –

No matter what your life is like right now –
No matter the difficulties and challenges –
No matter the pressures and the expectations –

There is someone out there in the exact same situation who HAS ALREADY realised your dream.

I’ve seen mothers of 5, working full time, who have created a rockin’ body in just a few months…

It can be done.

Lastly –


Look I know you arent afraid of a little hard work… You’ve always done the work when you wanted something in your life.

But I know youre like me and sometimes if you cant do the work PERFECTLY, then you have a tendency to stop…

This is my own little form of self sabotage – perfectionism.

Well let me tell you something I’ve learned over the years –

Just do the work daily, as best you can, without fail, perfect or no –

And you will get the result you want.

Dream it.
Decide it.
Believe it.
Do it!