Simply because you don’t know the “right” action to take?

Let’s talk your diet –

Have you ever just thrown your hands up and said “fuck it” because you weren’t sure how much protein was right or how much or which carbs were allowed –

And instead just ate pasta or some other food you KNOW isn’t right for you?

Its crazy right? When you arent sure of the exact action to take –

You freeze up…

You procrastinate…

You find one million things to do to keep yourself busy just so that you can avoid the ACTUAL stuff that would get you the result youre after.

Let’s look deeper at this though, since procrastination isn’t THE thing, its just the thing you do to avoid looking at the REAL thing…

And the real thing IS –

Youre scared as fuck to fail.

Youre scared to be wrong just in case someone else finds out what you did and points and laughs and says –

Haha…you thought THAT was the answer? What a waste of time! Youre so not good enough and you will never get there… What a silly little girl you are…

Youre scared that if you follow your own path and TRUST in your own experience and intuition –

Then it means you arent good enough…

Will never be good enough…

It means you will never get there –

So why try?

Why give up the simple pleasure of low vibe food, the stuff that makes you feel good for about 5 minutes before the CRASH –

If you’re never gonna get there.

For years I avoided standing out…

I played small because I didnt want anyone to see me try and fail…

I went with the flow and kept my head down and did just enough to not get noticed, just in case my BEST was NOT GOOD ENOUGH…

And all it cost me was EVERYTHING!

It cost me the life that I was truly born to lead –

The success…

The fun…

The zero fucks outrageous behaviour where I could live life on my terms –

EVERYTHING worth something!

Which is exactly what its costing you.

This thing you do, where you pretend that you don’t know what action to take and so you freeze up and make half hearted efforts at creating the body (and by extension the LIFE) that you want –

Its costing you all the fun, all the success and all the freedom that you deserve…

And it doesnt need to be this way, since –

You have everything within you to create it NOW.

The answers are truly within and taking ANY action while noticing the results (and this is key) will reveal your ideal diet and exercise plan, and then, suddenly, one day you will wake up –

And your dream body will be there.

And if you want to do it with our help, to get it done faster, reach out today and lets chat over messenger.

Dont let inaction cost you everything worth something.

Want the result whether you know what to do or not?