Today i feel good, really fresh and almost bursting with creative energy – but the week hasn’t been like this.

Its been challenging on a number of levels and multiple times had me at that point where it felt like this whole parenting, online biz and keeping fit thing wasn’t worth it and that I should just accept baggy jumpers and netflix (which we have just cancelled).

But I shifted something major inside me and as a result – my energy right now is incredible.

Side note – energy is always available to you if you allow it and I going to tell you how in a moment.

But first I want you to understand something – actually I want you to MORE than understand it – I want you to soak it into your SOUL. I want it to become part of your bones, not just an idea in your head – and it is THIS –

That the challenges you are experiencing right now that are keeping you from your goals and dreams –

The lack of time, the kid related interruptions, the money issues, the fatigue, the lack of support or whatever you are experiencing right now –

These challenges are the WAY to what you want, not the barrier.

The opportunity, not the problem.

If you’re committed to growth like we are (and I know you are, otherwise you would follow some other celebrity trainer with generic ideas and even more generic weight loss programs) then you are going to experience challenges almost daily, because it is an essential part of going to the next level.

But all too often when you have these moments in your life – like when you are trying to journal and the baby shits through his nappy and you don’t have a spare suit and you have heaps of work to do and now he’s sitting on your lap while you try to get it done anyway (which just happened!) –

Your head starts saying –

This is fucked…

Its all so hard…

Now I have to stop what Im doing for me and take care of someone else…


It plays over and over in your mind.

And you go into stress, doubt, fear or self imposed weakness.

Can you feel me?

When this happens you literally end up blocked, stuck, unable to move forward because the STORY about how hard things are becomes more real than, well, REAL life!

And instead of using your energy to just move forward anyway with grace and confidence, you burn energy mulling the story over and over in your head.

But you’re better than that gorgeous.

You are stronger and more capable than you allow yourself to be.

It doesn’t mean you arent allowed a little freak out though! The freak out releases the emotion – because you’re not a robot.

It just means that 1 second after you freak out and throw some shit and yell at your kids (its not just me that does that right?) –

You get your shit together, take some deep breaths and then MOVE



And I don’t just mean putting on a brave face and grinding through…

I mean actually recognising that the challenge you are dealing with in that moment –

IS what you need to go to the next level.

IT IS what you need right now, even though you think that you’re supposed to be doing something else more important.

Coz if you can do this, truly, with grace and acceptance –

You don’t get stuck.

Your energy keeps flowing.

And you handle yo’ shit and still do your daily health hustle habits anyway.

There is no other way.

And once you do this, then you BURN through the levels of life in moments, not years.

Your hot AF body comes quicker.

Your relationship is easier.

And you are free to just do you.

Stop imagining that your life was not supposed to have these challenges –

And realise they are exactly what you need for you to become more fully yourself.


Crushing fear, doubt and resistance and moving through challenges is easy when you focus DAILY on your mindset AND have an amazing support network around you.

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