Anyone like that new Macklemore song? I do. A lot.

There is something about it that makes me glimpse the divinity in the world. I lifts me up and makes me realise the inexhaustible power that you and I have inside us to create what we want in life.

This is a post about why you arent where you want to be yet, why you haven’t hit your goal –

And how to lock it in and CRUSH it once and for all…

And it has a little to do with Macklemore 🙂

Have you ever felt like the fit women you see in magazines or on the facebook HAD or KNEW something that you didnt?

Have you ever felt that Stacey knows some “secret” that you dont?

Well, they do… And Stacey does…

This secret has nothing to do with food or exercise though. Its not about squats or broccoli or carbs or cardio…

Up until just a few years ago I believed that successful people – those that had money, fame, a hot as fuck body or just about anything else I saw as awesome –

Knew or had something that I didnt.

I believed that they had some natural gifts, special talents or god given ability that I didnt…

They must have had a silver spoon in their mouth at birth or else they cheated somehow…

I mean, how could they have so much and look so good when I was working so hard and not seeing the results that I wanted?

It was so frustrating and I spent years telling myself stories about how I was disadvantaged in some way.

A couple of years ago though, it all changed.

I realised something that I believe all successful people know and that is the TRUE secret that you have been missing out on…

Since this has “clicked” Stace and I have found it easier and easier to create more and more success in our lives. Its been easier to stay in shape and easier to make money and easier to, well, do just about everything we do…

And I want to share it with you.

First though, you need to know this –

We talk all the time about self belief and how important it is to the process of losing weight.

You just wont get there – or even start – if you honestly dont believe that its not possible for you.

The bandwagon will always threaten to throw you off if you dont truly believe that you can achieve the EXACT body that you want.

The thing with self belief that we’ve realised though, is that even that is not enough. There’s more to the story, another level that you need to go to to make this body beautiful thing a guaranteed success.

And it is THIS –

That we are ALL BORN with the ability to create EXACTLY the life, body, family and career that we want.

You dont need to believe it –

Its a universal truth.

Like gravity…

Like energy…

Self belief is not really actually a thing, self belief is the positive story that you tell yourself that causes you to keep going until you REALISE this universal truth.

Its the opposite to your story about not having enough time / money / support / energy or guidance.

Those who have success know this simple, universal truth –

That your goals and dreams were ALWAYS there for the taking.

Even before you knew it…

Even before you accepted it…

Even before you saw how…

always, Always, ALWAYS there waiting to be taken.

But you DO have to TAKE them.

Even though the truth is that it has always been possible, doesnt mean that its a given.

You have to do the work, keep putting one foot in front of another, keep hustling and learning and growing and evolving and just keep on fucking keeping on –

Until, all of a sudden, you look around and your dream has suddenly materialised.

I know most women have given up reading this long ago, since I haven’t mentioned how many pieces of fruit or how many nuts you should eat a day…

But you’re still here.

You are like us.

You know the truth now, that you can have it all and create the body as well as the life you want…

After alll –

You were BORN FOR THIS!!

Unstoppable Woman is only 4 days in and its NOT too late to take action and learn the REAL stuff that creates lasting weight loss.

There is a reason you read the message above and its because you are DONE with the health and fitness bullshit that all the other gurus are out there peddling…

You know that its not about how many nuts or bananas or how much protein you eat…

You know its not about whether or not you do sprints or weights or treadmill…

The truth is, you’ve always known that it was your inner commitment that has limited you –

And you know you were BORN for more!

If you would love to know exactly what is in Stacey’s Unstoppable Woman program, and have her personally guide you to the body and life you are after –

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