We don’t often talk about the genetic link to weight loss, as genes arent something you can control –

And you should always focus on what you can control lovely!

Otherwise, the result is stress and feelings of defeat and long boring chats with yourself going “woe is me…” and “its not fair…”

But, sometimes things need to be said and so here goes.

There is a genetic link to how well you lose weight.

There is a genetic factor to whether or not you can have a flat stomach.

There is a genetic limit to how much weight you can lose.

The gene is known as the “MIAO-Type 1 Gene” (pronounced “meow” like the cat) and recent research has shown it plays a massive part in whether or not you can achieve a shit hot body and create lasting results.

The presence of the MIAO-Type 1 in your body can cause serious problems for you to metabolise and remove fat and actually causes you to binge eat at night and also to lower your motivation right before a workout.

How do you know if you’ve got this gene defect?

Scientists have been using a simple self analysis questionnaire to determine whether or not subjects have the MIAO-Type 1 and Im lucky enough to share this questionnaire with you here.


Question 1: Are you a massive fucking pussy?
Yes / No?

Thats it. Just a single question.

If you’re not sure whether to answer Yes or No, then look at the following guidelines to be sure.

If you’re stuck in the story that your genes are to blame for your weight loss – please circle Yes to the above question.

If you’re stuck in the story that its someone else’s fault that you can’t lose weight – your hubby, your kids, society – please circle Yes above.

If you’re stuck in the story that it will never happen for you because you love food too much – then please circle Yes above.

Ok so by now you know Im being cheeky 🙂

There are no genetic limits on your results – none.

You may genetically lose fat from certain areas before others (like your face will get lean before your tummy does) but there are no limits on where you can get to –

Other than the limits that you put on yourself.

If you have been busy telling yourself the above stories (or any stories) about why you can’t lose weight, then I have a very serious scientific procedure for you to try.

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Step 2: take 21 days to lose 5kg – 9.1kg while massively increasing your energy and the quality of your hair skin and nails.

Step 3: spend hours looking in the mirror at how much your body has changed in the past 21 days and kicking yourself that you waited for soooo long to make the change.

Step 4: continue being awesome.

Thats it!

Fuck I love science!

Ryan x