Yep. I want you to give up.

When you hit the hard point, I don’t want you to push through for a moment longer.

I don’t want you to bite down, steel your jaw and work even harder.

I want you to simply throw your hands in the air, scream fuck it, and surrender to failure.

Of course Im not talking about giving up on your goal – you DESERVE 100% without doubt to have a body that you love, that looks and feels amazing and has you skipping freely down the street…

Im talking about giving up the struggle.

Giving up putting in effort.

Giving up forcing yourself to do things you hate, simply to (hopefully) look better some time down the future.

When I was growing up we were told that you needed to work hard, to put the effort in, to never quit. And I took it to heart too, I pushed myself through years of pain and sacrifice, searching for success in any way possible, including selling my soul.

I remember selling houses 7 days a week, 10+ hours a day, because I wanted to be successful and make good money – even though it took away from my family, my health and literally drained the life force out of me.

I drank every weekend just to feel free and alive and in the moment, so I would forget that tomorrow morning it was back to work. I ate sugar and coffee compulsively just to feel good for a while.

I had no patience, no fun in my eyes and looked burnt out all the time.

But, I wasn’t going to give in was I? Im no wimp, Ill keep pushing through because it takes pain and sacrifice and following a plan to get a result, doesn’t it?

That was, until one day, I looked in the mirror and saw the truth…

That grinding through WASNT the answer.

The following someone else’s plan wasn’t right for me.

The being good, following the rules and working hard for everyone else actually took AWAY from those you loved, because it meant not being PRESENT when you were with them.

So, eventually, I gave up.

And something amazing happened…

The more I began to follow what I felt was right for me INSIDE, the more success came easy.

It was slow at first, though that was only because I had so much resistance to trusting myself. To trusting what that little voice inside me was saying.

It was just a whisper at first, a tiny squeak, because Id been ignoring it for so long.

But slowly, the more I trusted it and the more I acted on it, the louder the voice became. And the louder it came, the more I trusted and the more easily the RESULTS came.

Today I have a business that I love, that allows me to be home with my family when i want to be, where i only sell what I truly believe will bring a result and that really sets my on fire to create.

YOUR weight loss journey is just like this.

You have been forcing yourself for too long to do shit you don’t like, just to get a result.

You have been following someone else’s plan for too long, just to get a result –

And because you don’t trust yourself.

It may feel like its working at times, you lose a few kilos, you get a bit fitter, but eventually –

It doesn’t work.

It gets too hard or you get bored or you basically realise it just fucking sux – and you jump like a wild woman off the bandwagon and into a binge-fest of sugar, chocolate, chips, alcohol or some other feel good food that lasts 5 minutes before the feelings of guilt and self defeat take over…

So, I want you to quit.

Quit, and surrender to yourself, your true inner voice and the wisdom that your body has.

Quit, and begin to trust that you – yes little ole’ YOU – has the ability to know, intuitively, what you need to do to lose weight for good, instead of following the latest fitness guru’s 7 step plan.

Quit, and come join us on easy street, where the answers to “what should I eat” and “how big a portion should I have” and AAAALLLLLL those other food, exercise and health related questions –

Just come up each day, from inside, without effort.

It was meant to be easy!


Easy street starts and getting back in touch with that inner guidance – the one that knows portion size and what to eat and how to exercise – BEGINS with hitting the reset switch on your body.

And the reset switch – you hit that with our Ultimate 21 Day Cleanse.

If you’re feeling the struggle right now – its coz your insides need to be cleansed out so that you can HEAR that inner voice talking to you!

Once your body is really cleared out – and you drop 5kg to 11kg in 21 days – you will suddenly discover that you ALWAYS knew what you needed to eat, and how much.

And suddenly, in an instant, the struggle will disappear.

Don’t get me wrong – this is NOT a quick fix. Just coz it gets easier doesn’t mean you will always LISTEN! But its definitely the start of the journey for you.

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