There is a women in our community, an awesome and talented and creative woman, who just cant seem to be happy with her body.

She is incredibly lean, you can see her abs and she has a body that most twenty-somethings dont ever achieve.

And yet –

It just isnt enough for her.

She does that thing where when you or I look at your we just see the overall awesomeness of her physique, but that when SHE looks at herself, she just notices all the little “flaws” as large and as big as if they were painted on a billboard.

I know she feels this way because I used to feel this way about MY body.

I used to see all my perceived flaws or bad spots magnified 1000x times to the point that when I looked in the mirror I missed all the good for those one or two areas (that were honestly good anyway) that I didnt like.

Like with everything in life, when something that someone else does triggers you – then you are most likely doing it too. And Ive caught myself saying aloud “this girl needs a reality check!” Someone needs to grab her and tell her to get fucking over it and to focus on doing more of what she wants in her life!

Today though, I caught myself as I sat to do my daily journaling, thinking about how what we have created with our business is not even 1% of the offering we have to deliver in the world…

I caught myself focussing on all that we haven’t achieved, and on how some of our programs could be so much better than they are…

And it hit me smack in the face –

That I have replaced my distorted body focus with a distorted biz focus!

Gah! I thought I had won this game 😉

I started to run through all that had been accomplished in 2017 – the number of womens whose lives where changed for the better and the impact that this had on their families.

And I reminded myself that no matter how good a program or event that we create is –

That there will always be a new level to go to next week, next month and next year.

NOT because I have some deep trauma that makes me feel like Im not enough –

But because I want to experience EVERYTHING that is POSSIBLE for me to create in this life.

That is why you will never be content with good.

Not because you are OCD body obsessed, but because you know that there is ALWAYS something new and amazing to experience when you take your body to the next level.

So dont let the PC, you should just love yourself crowd make you feel like you are silly for striving for more –

You want what you want –

So go get it.