We have been sitting here and going over the events of this month and have been SHOCKED to discover –

That we arent excited about hitting our goals.

We set ourselves a money goal for this month that we hit almost without realising despite being a stretch for us to get, and I casually commented to Stacey this morning in the car that we reached it 2 days ago.

And we both reacted like “Oh, that’s cool” before moving onto the next item on our to-do list.

About 20 minutes later we both looked at each other simultaneously (we often do this, its crazy how in sync we are) with wide eyes and said –

“Holy shit! Do you realise we arent excited to hit our goal?”

When this happens it always sparks a passionate and colourful rant involving lots of over the top hand signals and nose scrunching moments where we allow the emotion to flow through us once again.

We began to review this month and saw that during a rough patch in the second week, we allowed ourselves to get caught up in the story of lack and scarcity.

The story that there isn’t enough for us to have EXACTLY what we want financially and success wise…

The story that its easier for others and that we are doing it tougher…

The story that what’s happening “out there” in the world is the reason for us not seeing results…

Does this sound familiar?

Does this sound like the talk-track regarding your weight loss and creating your hot as fuck sexy summer body?

Have you been telling yourself that the circumstances of life, kids, work, your genes, time or any other “out there” situation is the reason why you haven’t created that body yet?

Coz if you have then listen up –

There is no difference each day between whats possible and what happens as far as the universe is concerned. Your mood and energy is not dependant on whether things are “working” or not.

Maybe you jumped on the scales to find that you only lost 200 grams this week, or maybe you didnt lose any weight at all…

You step off those scales and your head starts with the “poor me… its unfair… its all too hard” story…

Your head drops and everything now feels that much harder, like you are dragging your feet through mud just to get things done…

You decide “who cares” and you may as well have a cookie or skip your workout today… Its never going to work anyway…

This is what happened to us this month.

But here’s the thing lovely –

We keep doing the work each day.

We keep sharing our message every day and we keep showing up to all our clients every day.

We dont always “feel like it”… We dont always want to do the work –

But we do.

Sometimes full of passion and life and energy…

And sometimes with the brain fog that comes with waking multiple times a night to a teething baby…

And suddenly, almost under the radar –

BAM! Goal hit. So quietly and without noticing that we almost miss it!

It’s EXACTLY the same with weight loss and your body beautiful.

Your results are NEVER to do with what’s “real” or what’s “happening”…

It is ALWYS to do with your SELF BELIEF that you have to change it.

You see once you drop the stories, you are free to realise the truth –

That you can always, Always, ALWAYS take one more step towards what you want.

As long as you get up EVERY day and do the work – do the workout, eat the foods, skip the processed crap, work on your mindset –

Suddenly, without even noticing until your friends point it out –

You HAVE that body you always wanted.

“Real” is nothing.

BELIEF and ACTION are everything.


Are you ready to take MASSIVE action towards that hot AF body you have always wanted?

Are you done with the stories about how your circumstances are the reason you dont have what you want?

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