OMFG its just so frustrating when the weight doesnt come off and stay off –


Its frustrating because – unlike the majority of women out there who have weight to lose –

Youre actually trying.

Youre not a little bitch that whinges about not having a flat stomach while simultaneously doing fuck all about it.

Youre actually eating more and more healthy foods…

Youre actually doing daily exercise…

Youre actually working on changing the talk track in your head to create a more and more unstoppable mindset…

Doing the work for you isnt the problem and it feels UNFAIR that you are putting in the effort and just not seeing the results materialise in the mirror –


I know how you feel because we have just been through this in our own way recently. For the first time in over 12 months we had a dip in our business late last year. Not the end of the world, but frustrating as fuck because we were ABSOLUTELY doing the work every single day and because we had consistently grown through 2017.

Over the xmas break we sat together and asked why this had happened.

We came up with all sorts of reasons why – or should I say excuses why – we didnt continue to grow.

We even wondered if you didnt like our message any more and whether we simply just arent inspiring enough.

After blaming a million things outside of ourselves we had a big realisation, which was THIS –

We realised that we didn’t actually want to continue to grow and succeed in the WAY we were doing business.

We created something like 15 new programs last year and were proud of all of them. We helped more than 500 women lose anywhere from 3kg to 37kg, get flat stomachs, firmer toned bootys, as well as kicking their butts to value themselves more and bring more joy into their lives.

What we realised though, was that we wanted to create an experience for women to not only lose ALL the weight – by rolling all those 15 programs into one plus adding more – but who also wanted to be part of a movement of women who were continually living more boldly, more beautifully and more on their terms.

So the reason that we didnt continue to grow –

Was because the WAY that we were dong things wasnt right anymore.

And the absolute WORST thing that can ever happen to you is to become successful at something while not LOVING the way you create it.

We were basically UNKNOWINGLY sabotaging ourselves, because we didnt want it to work in a way that wasnt aligned for us.

Which brings me to your weight loss journey…

Chances are if you haven’t made your weight loss stick –

If you bounce up and down on the scales and can never seem to just consistently be that perfect dress size –

If you feel like you constantly self sabotage and that you create barriers in your way –

Then ask yourself honestly if you are LOVING the WAY that you are creating your weight loss right now…

Because if not, youre doing shit you dont like just to get a result instead of doing whats aligned for you.

And thats crazy baby…

Because you can lose weight ONLY doing the things that you love, that make you feel good and that feel easy and fun.

If you are doing the work and not seeing the results… AND you want to know how you can be part of our epic and EXCLUSIVE new weight loss experience –

Then applications are now open.

A bit of realness first though – this is NOT for you IF:

You refer to yourself as lazy…

You youre not COACHABLE because you have all the answers already…

Youre not ready to forget the “rules” and to be a REBEL…

Youre not willing to INVEST time, money and energy into yourself…

You think that your RESULTS come from anything outside of yourself…

You arent DRIVEN to create an epic life.

If, however, you are ready to be part of an exclusive society of women that are creating amazing bodies and exciting lives –

Then this will be the best thing you do all year.

Message me here to apply and see if this is right for you.