This was one of the most asked questions of 2015 so it obviously still keeps a lot of women guessing! And while it is surely true that simply eating less leads to weight loss, for most it also leads to hunger, cravings and mood swings (like – gimme some chocolate or ill kill you!)

Im going to share some of the ways that you can learn to balance out your portion size this year, especially now that your stomach (meaning: my stomach) has doubled in size over the holidays!

1. Eat your protein first.
Protein isnt just about providing your body with lots of lean muscle building nutrients – it also takes up lots of space and makes you feel fuller.

Its much harder to fit in an extra serving of carby or junky things if you just simply dont have much room left in your tum tum. When you have your meal simply eat at least half – or all – of your meat, eggs etc before tucking into the rest of your meal.
This makes sure you build lean muscle tissue but reduces the overall calories in your meal.

2. Have some good fats at EVERY meal.
When I say EVERY meal, I mean EVERY FUCKING meal!

Fats do a couple of things when you have them. First, they are extremely satisfying, in fact studies and my own experience show that you are far more likely to overeat if you dont have some each meal.
Even if you dont overeat, you are more likely to feel less satisfied and so more likely to be thinking about food between meals (this often happens when you have a salad without dressing / avo).

Second, fats provide energy without spiking blood sugar. This is important because keeping your blood sugar steady means longer lasting energy and less cravings later in the day.
Fats are ESSENTIAL – eat them!

3. Vary your foods more.
Did you know there are 195,000 edible plants in the world! BUT in the West, our entire diet uses only 300 different plants out of that 195,000!
Even more crazily, most people only eat the same 17 foods THEIR ENTIRE LIFE!!! Thats a lot of chicken, rice, broccoli, lettuce etc. etc…

Each different type of food has different vitamins and minerals and because we get our vitamins and minerals from food, the more variation the better your nutrient levels.
So, try eating some different veggies, meats and fruit throughout the week, changing each day if you can.

4. Use spices, dressings and sauces that promote TASTE but NOT weight gain.
Most women are blown away when I tell them that taste is actually an essential part of a meal and that weight loss is unsustainable if you ignore the fact.
The fact is: Food is SUPPOSED to taste GOOD!
Choking down a garden salad with no dressing because its “healthy” but feeling unsatisfied is a sure fire way to fall of the bandwagon, whether in a day, week or month.

To make food taste good learn to use good spices and dressings. The simplest is Himalayan or Celtic sea salt and pepper, which works on – well everything!
Olive oil works with just about every citrus juice and vinegar known to man!
If you like hot and spicy, there are many good hot sauces out there now that use non gluten vinegars.
Lastly, home made olive oil mayonnaise is SUPER SIMPLE and tastes amazing.

Make sure the majority of your meals are tasty and satisfying to your mouth 🙂

5. Make sure your sleep is good.
I talk about sleep a lot, because fact is, if youre tired it is hard to get your body shape optimal. Cue sad faces because we are mums!
Tiredness is probably the main reason that women overeat and it is basically impossible to stop unless you have Joan of Arcs willpower.

Now I cant solve kid related sleep problems, but I have spoken at length about making sure your take enough magnesium each day. This will at least guarantee that you have GOOD QUALITY sleep even if it is broken. Magnesium also makes your more carb tolerant, so you are less likely to gain fat from carb ups.

6. Restrict processed foods as much as possible.
An oldie but still a goodie – studies and my experience have shown that the less processed food you eat (bread, pasta, cereal, crackers and anything else thats packaged) the more lean you are likely to be.
Its hard, because processed foods are convenient, but hey, Im not here to lie to you and make you feel better.
The exception to this rule is good quality supplements. A well designed protein shake / meal replacement can be a good part of a healthy weight loss plan.

There you go, some of the things I do every day to keep myself looking good and more importantly – feeling energetic!

Stacey xxx