Being a parent, you tend to prioritise essentials like nappies, wipes, food and clothes rather than spend hundreds of dollars on displaying your beautiful wedding photos… Dare I mention that you paid a small fortune for!

If your anything like me, you are so practical these days that it shits you to tears!

So I moved into a new house and wanted to decorate it with our beautiful memories and I didn’t want to spend a small fortune on doing so.

So I did my research and found photo transfer to canvas. This is what I did:

What You need:
Canvas 12×12 – $6-$7
Paint brush – $2
Gel Medium – $12
Black & white jet printed image on A3 from #officeworks – 20c
Spray bottle

Start up cost $20
The medium gel will do up to 20 canvas prints. Be nice to your paint brush and it will last forever!

1. Choose an image that looks great in B&W.
2. Get it printed at office works using a jet printer on A3 size paper (laser printer doesn’t work).

3. Apply the gel medium to your canvas be liberal, make sure it’s all covered.
4. Place the image onto the canvas making sure there is no bubbles. Smooth it out with your fingers or use an object like a Popsicle stock to smooth out.
5. Let it sit over night.
6. Spray water from the spray bottle onto the canvas get it nice and wet.
7. Rub the paper with your fingers or a clean cloth/sponge. It will start to ball up and come of. Be gentle.

8. Keep spraying and rubbing unto all the paper is off.
9. Let it dry over night
10. Paint the gel medium over the top to seal the image.

* You may need to let it dry then do the process again to ensure all or as much paper is removed as much as possible.

* Your image with come out a little rough and each image will be unique, have a play around with rubbing out some of the image to get the look you want.

It is super fun and easy! Great way to decorate your house and great gifts for friends!

Hope you love it as much as I do.


Thank you to A Beautiful Mess for the amazing blog post.