Its not because you dont have the support you need…

Its not because its not fair or that its all too much…

But you might still find yourself wondering either inside or aloud – 

When is it all going to just work?

Which I totally understand, as Ive had a couple of those days lately.

Wondering when all the hard work and grind is going to pay off… wondering when the flow will come back like it was once before.

The good news is you can shift it in an instant.

All you need to do, as I did, is to realise how amazingly unbelievably perfect life ALREADY is, right now and in this moment…

Realise that you have had complete and 100% control over your situation every moment until this point and that you chose this for yourself…

Accept that where you are is EXACTLY what you have asked for and allowed and that you can right now, today, choose another outcome if you so wish.

And FEEL some simple gratitude for just how amazing the people and things you have in your life right this second actually are… 

That fun, play, levity and joy are within your grasp THIS INSTANT if you choose to allow them…

And allow them you MUST! Stop trying to be somewhere else, in the future or the past maybe, an imaginary “better time”… Not because you shouldnt dream of what you want, but because youre missing the perfection of what you have in this moment.

Can you allow that today?

Can you accept and appreciate that, really, if youre honest, you actually already have SO MUCH available to you…  love, support, opportunity, connection, fun… and that the “thing” that you wished you had or were in those daydreams wont make you more complete than you are this moment?

Wont make you more happy…

Wont make you more loveable…

Wont make you more attractive…

Wont make you more full…

NOT unless you can allow yourself to feel that happiness, love, attractiveness and fullness right NOW.

If you’ve been wishing your body looked and felt different, try forcing it all you want… though to be honest I hope it never works because if it does you will have just bought yourself a daily practice you fucking hate… how has that been working out so far?

Or you can move into love and acceptance – even appreciation – for how well your body has managed your choices till now (which lets face it, you know haven’t been the best) and move forward from this place with POWER.

Power doesnt come from information… its not from reading about diet and exercise. It doesnt even come from knowledge, since knowing what to do doesnt mean you will do it.

Power comes from being able to accept that its been your choices until now that have resulted in the body and life youre living –

Having compassion for yourself for making those choices and for still not yet learning the lesson that you need to learn –

And then making a new choice today – not from a place of fear or doubt – but from a place of love.

Of course you can choose to stay stuck in the struggle… in the story of “not fair” or “too hard”… but since youre choosing anyway –

You might as well choose what you want.


A new book launches this week that is going to change the game of weight loss for driven women.

And before I go on, yes you read right – the book is for driven women.

Sorry for all y’all out there that refer to yourselves as “lazy” or if your goal is just to “feel better”… This book is not for you.

This is a book written by a driven woman (and her driven hubby) – FOR driven women. We arent here to “just be healthy” or “get fitter” or something as boring as that. We want to be hot as fuck PLUS have an on fire marriage PLUS make all the monies –

Were here to live fully – we want to have it all in life.

And since this is our show we want to work with other women that want the same. 

So the book drops this week… Now this is NOT one of those “free guides” that you see online full of useless fitness facts that you could get off any website… No, no. This book is the combined 28 years that Ryan and I have been – not only IN the health and fitness industry – but LEADERS in the H&F industry.

Im willing to bet that more than half of what you read in this book you wont have ever seen before – probably more like three quarters…

And, not only that, since being driven also usually means being BIZ-AY – its also designed to be read in a day or two. Maximum results comes not from how many pages in a book, but from actually DOING whats in the book.

This baby is designed to be bang for your buck sorta stuff.

But, just because its packed with cutting edge info – well, more like cutting edge experience – doesnt mean its going to be expensive. In fact, I think you will find it so ridiculously affordable that you wont be able to think of a reason to not get it.

Plus, it will be even more heavily discounted for only the first 100 women to take action.

So keep your eyes open for when it drops and be one of the lucky 100 to get your discounted copy.