Every morning used to be a struggle for me!

I was your typical alarm snoozer, hitting that buzzer at least 5 times, maybe even more most mornings. I would drag myself ass out of bed (kicking and screaming like a child, or worse really) and into the shower. In the hope that it would wake me up and it would, just. Feeling slightly more awake, with my toast in hand I’d be running out the door to work. Late as usual.

And I was grumpy, hating on the world for having a 8am!

It always took me so god damn long to wake up. I was always good to go by midday… when the day was half over.

You would have been right to say I was NOT a morning person. My partner liked me so much more at night! Looking back now I know why.

Its really quite simple…

Breakfast is supposed to help you get up and go right?

If your not eating meat and nuts for breakfast, then you aren’t activating the right hormonal systems to kick start your day or your metabolism. If you want to drop weight easily, get lean, stay lean, want increase your mental clarity or just want to decrease those afternoon cravings – then hit up meat & nuts for breakfast.

Breakfast Tips:

  1. The protein in the meat causes your blood sugar levels to rise slowly, especially compared to cereals or toast (all carbohydrates) which will give you a quick increase. With an immediate boost of energy followed by an overwhelming urge to sleep or eat more sugar! Ensue the vicious cycle…
  2. Nuts contain good healthy fats which helps your blood sugar level to stay stable and also slows the absorption of nutrients, thus controlling insulin levels and fat storage, helping you get lean and stay lean!

Don’t you want to set your metabolism to burn FAT for the day?

Red meat contains a high level of tyrosine and Phenylalanine. These amazing amino acids aid in the production of dopamine which controls your energy levels, how good you feel and wakes you up!

Carbs on the other hand stimulate the production of serotonin, the hormone responsible for PUTTING YOU TO SLEEP! Not want you want in the morning!

So guess what? Now I am a morning person!

I am up early and awake, not sulking around like a teenager. This is now the best time of day for me! And my family, but if I hadn’t made the change to meat and nuts I would still be struggling to get out of bed and get my day going.

I bounce out of bed now and it’s all due to the dietary changes I have implemented.

Even I have to admit I am much nicer person to be around.

Give the meat and nut breakfast a try. See how you feel, and how it improves your day! Stick with it for, well forever but try it out for 2 weeks and see the changes for yourself.

Don’t forget to let me know how you go?