So often when things aren’t working for us – like youre not losing weight or things just aren’t connecting with hubby or your kids seem to be doing their best to railroad your day – whats really going on is youre not allowing yourself to be you.

I had a conversation with a client yesterday who was sharing how she was really struggling to stick to her diet since becoming pregnant. The diet has been working for her – shes lost 30kg in a year and feeling great for it.

But since becoming pregnant all of a sudden even the thought of the foods on the plan bring her to the point of vomiting!

So her question was “how do I get back on plan?”.

Now on the surface this seems to be the right question. Your mind says go back to the thing that was working even though your body is telling you something really different.

This sound obvious but pregnancy changes your body! Every woman knows that her needs change during pregnancy and that sometimes you just want to eat oranges or eggs or some crazy combination of foods – without really knowing why.

You just know you need it.

So we spoke about trusting that her body knows what it needs and to simply allow that.

To take this a step further, think about how things go in your relationship when you and your partner aren’t conencting.

You feel like he isn’t meeting your needs in some way, or that he is taking from you without really giving.

This creates all sorts of tension and you end up either silently hating on him (which he probably doesn’t really pay attention to), or you just end up straight out fighting about how he doesn’t contribute enough or doesn’t love on your enough before wanting sex…

When really…

Underneath it all…

YOU are the one who isn’t being you.

I know for me, when I haven’t made space for myself to go and do… whatever it is I feel like doing… I end up taking it out on Stace and Charlize.

Im passive aggressive and I feel like they are disrespecting me through their actions.

But as soon as I listen in to what I need, share it honestly, and then just take action –

It all just falls away.

And things just get easy.

We can take this to another level too, when it comes to feeling like you are living on purpose or whether you are simply grinding through the day, shutting down your soul so that you can pay the bills.

The more you let YOU out…

The easier and more in flow life becomes.

It can be hard, because sometimes the truth is scary to share… youre worried that youre partner or friends won’t understand…

Sometimes you dont feel like you deserve to be loved or appreciated in the way that you want to be…

Sometimes its tough to admit that the path youre on is not the path that you should be living…

But at the end of the day, the whole reason for playing this human game –

The WHOLE point of being alive –

Is to be YOU.

All of YOU.

Totally YOU.

Without apology, justification, approval or permission.

Life is now, allow what you truly need and who you truly are to come through.


The Society is where we show women how to create a hot as fuck body by allowing who they are to come through.

Allowing your true food needs to come through.

Allowing your true exercise needs out.

Allowing how you want to be loved so that you dont binge and crave like crazy.

Look, youre a smart woman and you could work this out yourself with time. But we know how to get you there faster if you are ready to move into you fully (like alisons results below).

Private message us now to find out how to make this weight loss thing easy by letting your true needs come through.