I began in the health and fitness industry in 2005.

Ten years is a long time to do anything and you would think that after that much time you would be pretty good at what you do, I think I am.

So of course, I must have worked out how to have the perfect approach to helping people achieve the body of their dreams right?

Well, what if I told you it took me SEVEN years to work out exactly who I wanted to work with and how I wanted to deliver my message!

Seven years!

Sure I helped a lot of people over the years and learnt a lot about the human body but thats a long time to feel like you just werent quite in the right spot.

Along the way I would get this reoccurring feeling, like I was never going to figure this thing out.

You know that machete attack to the self esteem you get whenever you embark on a project or change that just doesn’t seem to take.

And fuck me there does seem to be more failure outcomes than shining successes!

But because it was my job and…well…I needed to support myself, I kept going.

Here are some of the things that I tried and that, well, failed. Failed miserably!

  • Worked in a big gym
  • Worked from home
  • Just did fitness
  • Tried to add nutrition
  • Tried to teach people to cook
  • Tried to teach people how to supplement correctly
  • Worked with anyone who would pay me
  • Worked split shifts
  • Tried to change people
  • Invested in peoples ability to change

It’s making feel a little frustrated right now thinking about it!

Grrrr (please wait here while I get some chocolate).

Ok, chocolatey relaxation complete!

I realise now that I had to go through all of those stages, all the trials and tribulations and abject failures to get to where I am now today. Working with the people I want to help.

Saying what I want to say in exactly the way I want to say it. And it made me realise something else really important:

Failure isn’t real. Or it is, but its not that scary and it doesnt last.

Failure is just a point in time where your approach didnt work, you didnt get the outcome that you wanted.

It doesn’t mean that you cant get to where you want to go, just that this ONE time it didn’t work.

What you want is 100% still possible and it just takes the strength to get back up again and have another shot.

I have worked with dozens of women, maybe hundreds, that have had this experience when trying to get their perfect body.

They have tried many diets.

They have tried all the latest exercise plans, training systems and late night tv commercial gadgets.

Some worked a little, some not at all and they always seemed to end up back at the same place.

Who can blame you?

You tried and it didnt work. Boo hoo.

If you’re reading this and you feel this way, like you have tried everything and failed every time and that you are just going to accept where you are now and be, meh – you’re wrong.

You have just played a silly trick on yourself and mentally linked them all together so that the whole thing seems like a failure.

And that little voice, deep down inside you begins to say “you arent good enough to get it”. “This doesnt happen to you”. “You suck”.

Know what I mean?

Know what I am going to do?

I am going to give you a minute’s silence to feel sorry for yourself, indulge in your stories and wallow in self pity before you move the fuck on!

Ok minute’s up honey!

All those attempts, all those crazy ineffective lemon detox or soup diets that you have tried, all the thigh master, stairclimber, treadmill workouts you have done – GONE.

In the past.

You are reborn anew.

Because it is possible to look and feel how you want.

It is possible because I see people do it all the time and they arent smarter or richer or better than you.

They. Just. Kept. Going.

And all those things you tried?

They were just leading you to right now. Helping you make a better choice today.

Have you got it in you? I know you do. Because you’re worth it.