Last night we were sat around a table with some of the biggest influencers in the health and fitness game – people who are really changing the game when it comes to getting client results.

Now, when i say that they are the biggest influencers, Im not talking about celebrity trainers who slap their face on a brand while a team of people create cookie cutter workouts and one-size-fits-all meal plans (which is the norm) –

Im talking about real people –
Leaders –
Who actually know a thing or two about how to get clients in amazing shape –
Who work daily IN their business and interact with clients –


Who CARE like motherfuckers about the people that they help enough that they arent simply selling the same old fitness industry bullshit about high protein diets, cardio, weights and blah blah just to make a buck.

Of course these guys like us are still making a buck, since what we do with clients actually gets results and that tends to get you repeat business!

The conversation flowed (lubricated by some delicious wine) and I wanted to share 3 things that I feel will really help you.

1. Eating brekky is totally unnecessary
Literally NO ONE around the table last night ate their first meal before 9am –

And the average was 11am.

Now Im not saying that there is anything wrong with eating brekky, you can lose weight just fine if your meals are on point.

Weight Loss Solution #1: leave your first meal until later in the day and it makes losing weight much easier.

2. Supplements mean jack shit if you arent eating really food
Maybe you are like a lot of women and you think that there are 10+ different supplements that you have to take to lose weight?

Ya dont.

In fact the opposite is true, shakes and pills are basically useless unless your real food intake is good.

Supplements are only useful to correct nutritional deficiencies and you will ONLY know if you get blood work done.

Weight Loss Solution #2: Focus on food that comes from the land and the sea and not protein powders or vitamin tabs unless you know you’re lacking.

3. It doesnt have to be hard or boring or restrictive
One of the funniest conversations was about all the stupid old school things that we had done while trying to look beautiful and fit!

Things like –

High protein diets…
Low carb diets…
Not eating fruit…
Eating every 3 hours…

And just generally becoming OCD about every little aspect of our diet and training.

Weight Loss Solution #3: Lose weight in a way that you find enjoyable, easy, naturally attractive and fun!
Dont force yourself to follow a diet that you think will “work” if the idea of it gives you a migraine 🙂

The path that works for you will feel natural and you will actually ENJOY the process –

So the results will come easily.

So there you go, some really simple suggestions from the country’s best in fitness. Maybe you were expecting some deep and powerful secret, something that made you go A-HA! That’s what has been missing! If only I’d known earlier…

But the truth is that the solution has always been simple…

It just has to be done each day, every day, on repeat –

Until the results come.