Do you constantly want more?

I am relentless when it comes to squeezing everything I can out of each day, to becoming more as a mother, a wife, a lover, a business woman and a friend. Ryan is the same – its the reason that we work as a couple. I couldn’t fucking deal with a partner that thought the end of the day was celebrated with feet up on the couch and netflix on, while our souls were stolen by the screen.

I burst daily with ideas for programs and ways that I can deliver more transformation to my community.

I can see a vision of how my life is going to go in 1, 2, 5 years and beyond – and it ALWAYS gets bigger, scarier and more outrageous.

And its why I find it so fucking easy to stay lean, toned, sexy and energetic.

If you’re like most women, you think that lasting weight loss is just about food and exercise.

And they play a part to be sure.

But they are a small piece of the puzzle in my experience.

Have you ever asked how to stop overeating?

Some days I don’t eat until 11 or 12 because I simply don’t need food. I feel so alive and have so much creation running through my veins that there is just no need to eat.

Im not denying myself food to stay thin (gawd knows Ive never done that!) I just don’t need it.

And at the same time –

I never deny myself treats. Like, ever.

If I feel like something – I just have it!

I give ZERO fucks or guilt or doubt or questioning when it comes to eating chips or wine or chocolate. I treat most days to be honest, though of course, they are always high class treats.

When you live for something more gorgeous, for something that sends tingles down your arms when you think about it, for something that gives you that “FUCK YEAH” moment and you look around for someone to hi-five –

Weight loss becomes so simple.

Now you might be thinking its so easy for you Stacey, you are already in shape, you have more support than me, your hubby believes the same as you and all the other cop out excuses that you can muster…

Well guess what?

It wasn’t always this way.

I’ve had health crises.

I wasn’t born with money.

Ryan and i split up for 2 years before getting back together and working through our shit.

We have worked until 11pm more times than not this year.

We CREATED this motherfucker.

And if you want more, then you can too.

There is nothing complicated to be done, you just need to simply show up each day and do the hustle.

Oh, and the bonus of creating your life how you want it –

Weight loss, is easy.


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